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Special VR News Bulletin:

360Rize 360 Plug-n-Play® 360 Video gear using GoPro Hero6 Cameras

360Rize now supports the NEW GoPro Hero6 Black Cameras

GoPro® announced on 9/28/2017, the new GoPro® Hero6 Black camera is shipping as of 9/28/2017. We are excited to say that the patented 360Rize 360 Plug-n-Play® 360 Video gear is also shipping today and uses the new GoPro® Hero6 Black cameras as well as all other versions of the GoPro cameras. As an added bonus we are offering FREE ground shipping in the US for all products.

Read more about how you can use the GoPro Hero6 cameras in the 360Rize 360 Plug-n-Play® 360 Video to capture stitched 360 video content as high as 12K with frame rates as high as 120 fps.

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VR SyncBAC Pro10, :pulse and Blink HUB from Timecode Systems and 360Rize

New 360 VR Tools From 360RIZE and Timecode Systems Combine to Offer The Most Streamlined PRO VR Solution On The Market

Timecode Systems and 360RIZE have joined forces to develop a unique virtual reality (VR) acquisition solution that delivers the efficiency benefits of professional standard timecode synchronization to VR and 360 filming. Dubbed SyncBac VR, the companies’ joint solution combines a new, bespoke 360RIZE multi-camera rig designed to house GoPro HERO4 cameras with SyncBac PRO units attached, with VR-friendly updates to Timecode Systems’ SyncBac PRO sync product for GoPro cameras and BLINK Hub app.

NAB 2017 VR 360 Video Show Highlights


360RIZE is proud to be at the forefront of the virtual reality revolution, providing content creators with the latest in 360 video technology. Our VR solutions help you tell your stories in this new and exciting medium, engaging people like never before.

So what is your reality?  Are you a wildlife conservationist? A dive enthusiast? An extreme sports addict? Whatever your reality, let us help you make it your virtual reality. Let’s #MakeYourVR

How does 360 video work?

The main components to creating a 360 video include shooting, organizing, stitching and viewing.

360RIZE offers solutions for all the stages of VR production – patented 360 Plug-N-Play™ Holders for shooting video, 360CamMan software for organizing footage, post production software and playback technology.

For more questions on the technical aspects of creating VR content, visit our FAQ page.

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Our Newest Flagship US Patented 360 Plug-n-Play Models (Strong Injection Molded Aluminum Cores, Fast/Easy Load/Unload) 
Use your mouse to rotate the models in the 360 viewer.  Each holder has 2 mounts installed to show the different holding angles for filming.  The mounts are hidden in post production and has major advantages in capturing talent and 360 presentations.


Max Resolution: 7,500 x 3,750
Cameras: 6 GoPro’s
Uses: General Use


Max Resolution: 7,500 x 3,750
Cameras: 7 GoPro’s
Uses: Drones, Concerts, Real-estate


Max Resolution: 12,000 x 6,000
Cameras: 10 GoPro’s
Uses: Closer to Subjects, Domes, High Res

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Oculus Rift

Perhaps one of the most realistic and immersive methods for enjoying 360 video content is by viewing it with the Oculus Rift. The marquee solution among VR enthusiasts, the Oculus Rift makes it possible to enjoy high-resolution content in an interactive format. With content-viewing technology taking huge leaps forward, the next question stirring the VR community is how can people create great content to view with the Oculus?

360RIZE gear presents itself as one of the most efficient and simplistic tools for creating content for the Oculus Rift. Our 360 video solutions give videographers, tech enthusiasts and everyday people the opportunity to create their own interactive panoramic video content. With a turnaround time that can be as short as a few hours, individuals can shoot 360 video content in the morning, and be enjoying it in complete immersion via the Rift that evening.

Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR no BackgroundFor Samsung Note 4 users, the Samsung Gear VR is another viable virtual reality viewing medium. In order to experience your 360 video content on the Samsung Gear VR, you first need to transfer the files onto your phone. With your Note 4 connected to your computer, save an .mp4 360 video file onto your phone in the folder labeled “360 videos” (this folder is located within the “Oculus” folder).

Once you’ve transferred the video file, the content can be accessed within the Gear VR virtual menu by selecting the “Library” option. Within your library you will see a “360 video” category that will take you to an area where your uploaded 360 video files are stored. Simply select one of your files and enjoy your content in full immersion!

Sample Content

Below is a list of  links that will allow you to view sample content in the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. The following 360 videos and 360 photos were captured with 360RIZE gear:

Click Link, then right click and “Save Video As” to play locally on the Oculus Rift or to transfer to Samsung Note 4:

Download 4K VR Dragster Sample (bit rate: 12)

Download 2K VR Dragster Sample (bit rate: 12)

Download 2K VR Dragster Sample (bit rate 15)

Download 2K VR Dragster Sample (bit rate 17)

Filmed using the Pro7 at the Empire Raceway in Leicester, NY.

Ultra Light Flight Over Park City, Utah (2K)

Filmed using the Pro6 over Park City, Utah.

Drone Flight Over the Las Vegas Strip (2K)

Filmed using the Pro7 mounted on a drone in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Model Cannon Firing (4K)

4K sample video captured with the Pro6.

360 Photos

The Gear VR also offers 360 panoramic photo support. Just as you would transfer 360 video files to the 360 video folder on the Samsung Note 4, 360 photos can be transferred to the “360Photos” folder (within the “Oculus” folder). Below are a few downloadable examples captured by Chris du Plessis of Photos of Africa:

Click link, then right click and “Save image as” to transfer file to Samsung Note 4 or to save to desktop:

Download 360 Elephant Pano (4,000 x 2,000)
-Captured with 360H6 at the Living With Elephants Sanctuary, Botswana.

Download 360 Safari Lodge (4,000 x 2,000)
-Captured with 360H6 at the Southern Camp, at Kapama Game Reserve -Hoedspruit.

Cardboard VR

360 video viewerThe latest update to our 360 Video Library mobile app added cardboard VR compatibility to its list of features. This means that users can download this free app and enjoy our library of over 700 interactive 360 videos with cardboard VR viewers.

To watch content with a cardboard VR viewer, users first need to download either the Android or iOS version of our app. Once you’ve downloaded the app and selected a video to view, simply press the cardboard VR viewer icon on the screen to active the dual-screen mode. From there it is simply a matter of inserting your mobile device into your viewer and you’re ready to enjoy interactive 360 video content in an immersive setting!


360 Video Players (Oculus Rift Compatible)

For producers looking to view their own 360 video content in the Oculus Rift, there are a number of free solutions available. Both of the following 360 video players facilitate Oculus Rift playback and allow you to view up to 4K resolution 360 videos on your desktop:

Video Stitch Player

Download for Windows

Download Kolor Eyes Player

Download for Windows (32 bits)

Download for windows (64 bits)

Download for Mac

Immersive Dome Theaters

virtual realityAnother exciting avenue for viewing content captured with 360Heros gear utilizes immersive projection domes. Through our partnership with Elumenati we have been able to explore the potential that large projection domes have for viewing 360 video content.

These domes allow people to literally surround themselves with the panoramic video content. With the ability to project and display 4K content, dome theatres have a wide array of applications that includes promotional events, screening episodic content and interactive education.

360Heros CEO Michael Kintner discusses the potential for viewing 360 video content in projection dome theaters.


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