360Penguin: Just in Time for Christmas

360Rize 360Penguin Just in Time

Most parents have been there. The tree aglow and presents left by Saint Nick flow from underneath. The kids to wake up and come running to the tree so fast they could almost take flight like the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. It is nearly impossible to keep control of all the excitement, try as you […]

Sports: A Natural Fit for the 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Sports Penguin Cheer

You ever been at a sporting event, trying to capture the action, when all the sudden something really unexpected happens just out of frame? How about when you are following the ball down the field and the perfect block takes place 15 yards away? For the team photographer shooting with the standard camera, those key […]

360Penguins are Social

360Rize Penguins are Social

Much like the penguin in the wild, the 360Penguin is a social bird. He lives better in his waddle, with other birds. We believe the best way for our 360Penguin users to learn, grow and thrive is to be social as well! Our social media channels will help you with that process. Be a part […]

Join 360Heros’ New Social Media Communities!


360Heros invites you to join our new communities on your favorite social media channels! Our team has created community pages on the most popular social sites in an effort to facilitate conversation among 360 video professionals and hobbyists from around the world! Currently, we’ve established a community page or group on Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. Simply […]