The $298 360 VR Camera is Taking the VR Community by Storm

360Rize 360Penguin VR Community

The 360Penguin by 360Rize has been put through its paces and tested side by side with some of the strongest competition only to emerge from the smoke standing tall. Because of this, the 360Penguin is being called one of the top cameras by those in the know in the industry. Kevin Kunze is a 360 […]

The 360Penguin has Landed!

360Rize 360Penguin PenguinSxS

What happens when your new product goes head-to-head against one of the industry’s top names? The 360Penguin has landed and we are being noticed! The 360Penguin just took on one of the top dogs in the consumer 360-degree market in a side-by-side comparison. One of the leading influencers in the 360 content generation category gave […]