360Penguin 2019 Great American Outdoor Show Debut

360Rize 360Penguin Alligator Mouth

The Great Outdoors In 360!  360Rize has done it again! We have managed to break through to a totally new clientele with our 360 products! The 360Penguin has been designed to make 360 content capture possible for EVERYONE. Since the release of the 360Penguin camera in September of 2018, our mission has been simple. To […]

A new 360Penguin App update for you!

360Rize 360Penguin App Update featued_(883x1024)

17At 360Rize, we work to make sure you have the best product possible. To do that, we update everything we can with your 360Penguin. We want you to have the best control to make the best 360 VR video and images possible. Our newest 360Penguin App update does some pretty cool things. You control the Light! […]

Your 360Penguin App Reset

360Rize 360Penguin Reset Button

We have shown you how to reset your camera with the onboard button. There is another reset that should be used to help keep your camera in the best shape it can be. On occasion, your camera will need to have firmware updates (learn how to do it here). Those updates are easy to do […]

The Power of the 360Penguin App Part 2

360Rize 360PenguinPowerOfThePenguinPART2_(960x640)

As we discussed in Part 1, the 360Penguin App has various functions that help you control some of the effects for video and images. Part 1 covered White Balance and EV Mode for the camera. We have a few other adjustments that you can control from your phone. Some of these adjustments are more of […]

The Power of the 360Penguin App Part 1

360Rize 360Penguin Power of the App Pt1

The 360Penguin is a powerful tool as a camera. We have made sure to put the power in the tech that’s in the camera, but we have also packaged it in our 360Penguin app. It’s right there, in your hands. The free 360Penguin app, available from both the Google Play Store and iTunes, gives you […]