360 video production specialists producing vr content with muti-cam spherical camera systems

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At 360RIZE, we do more than produce 360 video. We produce tools to continuously improve the way 360 video and VR is made. Our clients have unprecedented access to the latest technology in 360 video camera systems, control systems, software and techniques that push production capabilities to the next level.

Our Work

360RIZE SizzleReel

Our combined years of experience with planning, filming, editing and marketing 360 content, along with our streamlined tools and processes, offer a completely unique and well organized client experience.

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Our Toolkit

6, 7, 10, 14 and 24 Camera Systems Are Available In Any Combination

The most versatile line-up of any 360 video production equipment on the planet, ready for any scenario from multiple vantage points.a selection of 360 video camera holders from 360RIZE

We Work Magic More Than Anyone Else

Blackmagic multi-cam systems with genlock and remote control for a streamlined workflow. Get maximum dynamic range and tone, giving a cinematic quality look to your finished video.

Expert Post-Production Services

Professional synchronization and stitching of your 360 video content ensures that your footage is processed at the highest standards in the industry. Our creative team is ready to deliver your vision to your audience across multiple platforms, including installations, projection domes, social networks and virtual reality head-mounted displays.

  • Monoscopic and stereoscopic workflow
  • On site dailies (quick stitches)
  • Fine stitching: all takes stitched at the highest industry standards
  • Inclusion of any necessary graphics and text formatted to fit the 360-degree sphere
  • Assembly and creative treatment of final video (color grading, sharpening, transitions, etc.)
  • Platform specific content delivery (Facebook 360, YouTube 360, VR HMDs, dome projection, etc.)

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