About Us

Our Mission

The 360Rize mission is and always has been to educate and empower professional and recreational photographers and videographers alike.  We offer instruction and gear to capture the highest resolution 360 footage in situations on land, sea, and air.  This technology enables users to share stories or environments to others who may be interested in  submersing themselves in an environment virtually. This technology is used in documentaries, educational pieces, marketing, or just for personal capture.

Company Story

As an experienced photographer/videographer/software developer, Michael Kintner was knowledgeable in the world of content capture and what it could be used for. One day he was presented with the question “can you capture footage from every angle? All around you?”  . From then, he became focused on how to achieve this notion of filming an environment in complete 360 degrees. He was actually the very first person to achieve this possibility of content creation. This is how it all happened:

 Michael was quite the entrepreneur as he began to create CAD drawings and 3D printed models of a spherical holder system. This holder could make 360 content capture possible using compact action cameras.  These cameras had the ability to capture high resolution footage by themselves. With the combination of mikes 360 (rigs) holder systems and these cameras , he achieved 360 content capture. Furthermore, the more cameras that were used to create high resolution 360 footage with overlapping scenes, the higher the total resolution output would be.

Software was developed to “stitch” together the frames from each camera and make the footage viewable in different immersive viewing platforms.  The most common are 360 headsets that range from the  most expensive, to the affordable cardboard ones that hold camera phones. The phones would need  the special app to view 360 footage on them. Also available are domes or igloo’s to totally immerse on in a  360 environment captured by our gear. As time goes on, there are many flat 2D ways to view 360 footage.  Viewers are given  the option of dragging and moving around the picture to see the rest of the environment that the initial screen doesn’t show.

Since 360 capture and viewing were made possible, the desire to explore everywhere possible for content spread like a wildfire.  Scenes created with this 360 technology were gathered from filming on land in multiple situations.  After a while, tests were conducted to see if our camera spheres could be supported in the air using drones. This proved to be very successful for aerial capture. After a while, extensive  design , testing, and manufacturing took place to create an underwater apparatus to achieve 360 underwater content capture at great depths. At this point we had become the first 360 innovators for every worldly condition.

As our gear became more well known and sought out by professional media producers, we began to find solutions to problems that would periodically arise with obtaining clear 360 footage. We believed in educating all of those interested in knowing how this technology worked. We continued to design rigs for the initial action cameras in the early designs, but then expanded our inventory with rigs for other selected high resolution cameras. Pretty soon we changed our name from 360Heros to 360Rize (Reality Inside Zero Edges) as we grew to be well known by users filming for the sake of education, entertainment, and marketing purposes.

Its been one awesome ride since the days of invention in Mikes garage! As he had come so far with this technology, there still were some problems to resolve. The purchase of multiple cameras  and the accommodating 360 gear to go with them proved to be too expensive   for the normal consumer market.   Additionally the post production work involved to achieve the assembly of clear 360 footage was not a science that could be easily understood by the ordinary shutterbug. 360Rize has continued to work on a way to make 360 capture available for everyone that dreams of telling their story of “Life Without Edges ™” 360Rize has not only been the leader in high resolution 360 content capture using multiple camera systems, but we also now have our own 2 lens camera system of our own! This technology has grown and we have grown with it. We still are innovators in software development for stitching, file management, and we now offer an easy to use fixed camera system in the price range of our  360 greenhorns!

Our Audience

Our audience has been of all ages and from all different countries. We have thousands of 360 producers that we have worked with, educated, and provided 360 gear to all over the world. In some cases we have been a part of the production of  many  new marketingentertainment, and leisurely shooting situations. The content that has come back to us from our customers and collaborators has been amazing.

Our Values

  • Philanthropy – 360Rize has always been known for our willingness to share the ins and outs of how our 360 technology works. We truly take pride in being the innovators of this type of photo and video production and it brings us joy to see how many different ways it can be applied throughout the world. The love for our 360 enthusiast’s keep us working towards making this tech more affordable and easier to use as time goes on.
  • Education – We have always believed that content capture of this kind could be used for positive reasons. . Additionally, we have shown where it can be applied, and have always been available to answer any questions one may have after the purchase of our products. In the past we have offered our collaboration on large productions, and have shared our secrets to achieving the best content capture possible in full 360.
  • Community- We know that we would not be here if it wasn’t for our faithful customers. This is why we have built a 360rize producers page. Where our collaborators can feature footage in the hopes of being discovered for projects in the future.

The Team

Mike Kintner

CEO and Founder

Tiff McClory Pfeiffer

Reveiving/Supply Chain Coordinator

Mike Hanchett


Thomas Hamon

3D Building Scanner/Marketer

Leah Vinca


Austin Suain

Graphic Designer

Brian Kelly

Software/Web Developer

Guinness World Record

Guinness Book of World Records Certificate

The first fully spherical HD 360 video filmed on the summit of Mount Everest

It was an amazing surprise and accomplishment.  The temperature was -51 without the wind chill, the patented 3D printed 360Rize formerly 360Heros 360 video gear made the journey and captured the first HD fully spherical 360 video at 29,029 feet (8,848 meters) above sea level, the highest mountain on Earth.

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View our office using our 3D virtual tour technology

Using the technology behind our 3D virtual tours, we recorded our office for your viewing pleasure.