360Penguin Firmware Updates

Instructions for updating your 360Penguin Firmware

  2. Download the latest firmware file shown below.
  3. Unzip the contents of the ZIP file into the root of the Micro SD card
    1. File: card_fw_update.mrk
    2. OR File: card_fw_update_once.mrk Update once and Delete Firmware
    3. File: SPHOST.BRN
  4. Turn Off your 360 Penguin Camera
  5. Load SD card into the Camera
  6. Turn On the camera and the update will begin
  7. When Updating the WIFI light will blink blue, video light solid green, power light solid green
  8. When the update is finished your camera will turn off
  9. Load the SD card back into your computer and remove the firmware files from your SD card
  10. NOTE: If this is your first update use card_fw_update.mrk file.  And if DO NOT remove the firmware files from you SD card it will perform another firmware update.

WARNING: When your camera is updating DO NOT TURN YOUR CAMERA OFF during this process.  It might loose its ability to function again.


Latest Firmware Update Files

(Right Click over file and click Save As..)  Store the file on your Micro SD card for the camera.  Unzip the contents to the root folder of your SD card.

  1. Update: 360penguin_firmware_update_20181126 – Updated on 11/26/2018

    1. Defaulted when you plug the 360Penguin into the computer via USB you can see the contents as a drive.   If you add power.mrk to the root of your SD card the 360Penguin only receives power.
    2. Corrected EV settings
    3. Fixed Black and White Settings
    4. Fixed ISO Settings
    5. Refined Stitches
    6. Added Bulk Firmware Update markers (card_fw_update.mrk) or Single Update and Delete (card_fw_update_once.mrk)
      1. card_fw_update.mrk – Will update firmware in the camera and not delete firmware files so you can move the card from one camera to another and perform multiple updates
      2. card_fw_update_once.mrk – Will update firmware in the camera and when completed delete the card_fw_update_once.mrk and SPHOST.BRN
  2. Update: 360penguin_firmware_update_20181115 – Updated on 11/15/2018


Other Tools to Control your Camera

If you put this file into the root of your 360Penguin Micro SD card it will allow your computer to read data on the 360Penguin micro SD card.

If you use power.mrk file in the root of your SD card folder, it will let your computer charge your camera only not read the SD card in the camera.