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360Rize® is proud to announce the Upgrade for VR Education Program.  Michael Kintner, Founder/ CEO has been a leader in supporting VR Education for almost a decade.  Virtual Reality Content creators are passionate about sharing created content to expose to the world the value of images and video that immerse the viewer.  To support VR Education, 360Rize® will donate a re-purposed 360VR rig to a registered education facility or institution upon a *qualifying donation from VR Producers through 360Rize®.

We know our content producers value VR education and this program together with our producers will create an invaluable experience.  Our goal at 360Rize® is to introduce and educate students of all ages on content creation of high quality Photo and VR content.

What can students learn from creating 360 Video or 360 Image content?

VR Creation works with creativity, production, editing, graphics arts, filming, digital camera modes and techniques, team cooperation, project management, problem solving, organization of content, location and set design, directing, software applications and more.

Help us Help VR Education.  To GIVE to UPGRADE FOR VR EDUCATION or Register to receive the GRANT for UPGRADE FOR VR EDUCATION, click HERE or email education@360rize.com.

360Rize® will also support your Education facility with discounts.  The 360RIZE® Education Program was established to help students receive discounts in order to promote their work and the development of 360 video production. By filling out the following application, students will make themselves eligible to receive a one-time discount on an order from 360RIZE®. This discount is good for 50% off of any 360RIZE® 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder as well as 360RIZE® 360CamMan software (education program discount not applicable for GoPro™ cameras, the

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360ABYSS, the SeaDak, stitching software or other third party hardware).

The purpose of this application is to give us an idea as to how you plan to use our gear and the details of your particular project. At 360RIZE® we are interested in the work of our customers and it is important that we understand how you use our holders. This is both for your benefit and ours as we can advise you throughout the production process and it helps us to continue exploring the possibilities of 360 video.

In order to apply, fill out the following application with the details of your current educational pursuits and plans to use our products. Upon receiving all of the required materials, you will be issued a one-time use educational coupon code.

Please understand that by using the coupon, you are also agreeing to, after completion of the project, your submission of your video project to us so that we can feature it on our educational spotlight page. This page will be created to highlight educational projects and videographers. Please allow 3-4 business days for our review panel to process your application and issue you a response.

Upon completion of your project, 360RIZE® would like the opportunity to help you promote your work. Once you’ve finished shooting your 360 video, send an email to education@360rize.com alerting us of your upload. From there we can discuss connecting with you on social media and promoting your video across our social media channels.

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