Well, another year is in the books. It’s the time of year we look to the future and start our plans for what the coming year will bring. For those of us at 360Rize, that means new and exciting ways of making your 360 content even better.

While we have some plans in the works, including added stabilization on the 360Penguin, and finding ways to help protect the bird in water, we thought we would take this time to reflect on what we did to help change the 360 game and give you the ability to show the world all around you.

Our Year in Review

In October, we released the 360 game changer. The 360Penguin was introduced to the world on Oct. 13, National Penguin Day.

The 360Penguin does a couple things that its competitors don’t.

  1. We brought 24 megapixel images and 4K and 6K video to the market at a consumer-friendly price of $298. You get a fully-immersive VR experience that rivals the more expensive prosumer level 360 cameras.

2. We threw in onboard image stitching. When our two 210-degree lenses take the images, you do not have to worry about putting them together to form one fully enclosed sphere of your world. The 360Penguin does it for you inside the camera. You don’t have to try to piece them together in some post-production software program. That only takes up more time. We found a way to do it for you!

360Rize 360PenguinUnstitched_(1024x1024)
Two images not stitched
360Rize 360Penguin stitch_onboard_(1024x1024)
Images stitched together.

3. And who could forget the live-streaming capabilities we included in this thing? Now, instead of shooting a video, downloading it to your computer or phone, only to have to upload it to Facebook or YouTube to be able to share, you can use the 360Penguin App and shoot real-time 4K video to your friends and family! What’s even better is, with the app, you don’t even have to be physically connected to the camera. That’s right. For under $300 we have offered you the ability to share your world…real time…with everyone else.

I guess you could say it has been a good year here at 360Rize. We have enjoyed it. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 360 content producing family in 2019.


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