360Rize 360Penguin at CES 2019

360Rize CES 2019 Recap!

The Future Is Now

360Rize 360Penguin PizzaLast week was a busy one for 360Rize team members! A couple of us had the privilege to attend CES, an annual trade show held by the Consumer Technology Association. Located in Las Vegas Nevada, this annual event contains the most innovative products in the consumer electronics industry every year. The 2018 CES show contained many presentations and displays that could easily awe attendees from all over the world. Sprawling out through multiple buildings with multiple floors, visitors witnessed just how far technology has come in a years time to making ones life a lot easier and entertaining.

360Rize Stands Out

360Rize 360Penguin Podcast at CES 2019The camera industry evolves year after year. Therefore, consumers are always looking for the newest way to do what we all love to do, share our experiences! 360Rize was pleased to spread the word about our new 360Penguin Camera! We met the constant question of  “How is this 360 camera different than other cameras?” Although there some powerhouse competitors in the show, the 360Penguin still remains the only 360 camera on the market with on-board stitching! In other words, users would not require post production software to acquire finished seamless 360 footage. To say the least, 360 consumers were elated at our advancement in 360 camera technology! Furthermore, the excitement built as we showed them all just how easy the 360Penguin camera is to use!

Shout Out To 360 Fans!

360Rize Business Use of 360PrenguinIf we missed you at the CES show, CEO and founder of 360Rize, Michael Kintner, invites you to reach out to us about the 360Penguin Camera. Feel free to visit our website anytime to find out camera specs, accessories, and any promotions we have coming up! There are so many ways that this cool little camera can help you capture everything that’s “All Around You™ ” Check out some great reactions to the 360Penguin camera in the video below! Also, take a look at our presentation during one of the podcasts we were invited to take part in! Look up ways that the 360Rize family has used this camera already on our YouTube page! Afterwards, make the switch from traditional point-and-shoot- cameras to the 360Penguin, that gets the whole picture every time!

CES Live 2019 Day 2


360Rize 360Penguin


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