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360 Live-streaming in an instant with the 360Penguin

Since the world debut of 360 video, camera manufacturers, social media outlets, and content creators alike have all continued to improve all things 360. As the community continues to grow, cameras and viewing platforms continue to improve. Recent improvements have now allowed cameras, such as the 360Penguin, to live-stream instantly to Facebook or YouTube. Live-streaming with the 360Penguin allows friends and family to view in real-time what you are experiencing live. Unlike traditional live-streaming, immersive 360 streaming allows viewers to truly engage in an environment.

Front Row Experience

Whenever an individual decides to live-stream something, the goal in mind is to share the experience with their audience. Cool experiences to live-stream are music concerts or your first basketball game. In both environments, your viewers want to be able to see and hear what each is like. They want to be able to feel the roar of the crowd or an entire stadium on the edge of their seat. A standard video cannot capture this, because at no point do you feel like you are in the environment. This is exactly why 360 live-streaming with the 360Penguin is truly unique. With a 360 live stream, you can have a front row seat to a basketball game without having to attend. To take true immersion even further, viewers can watch your content through a VR headset, like the Oculus Go. The most impressive aspect of 360 live is it’s available anytime, anywhere, with or without a headset, on any smartphone device.

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In a band? Livestream the show!

For 360 Live-streaming to draw interest from the masses, it must be user-friendly. Furthermore, consumers are not going to live stream if the process is too difficult. Life happens fast, so the process of live 360 must be straight forward. This is something, we here at 360Rize have thought long and hard about. Therefore, our 360Penguin camera is among the easiest to use 360 cameras on the market. To begin a live stream all it takes is the press of a button. From here, the content you just captured gets streamed instantly to either Facebook or YouTube. Thanks to an ever-evolving industry, both YouTube and Facebook can now support 4K live-streaming to take immersion even further.

Expensive no more

When Google launched the ability to live stream 360 video, one of the problems faced was affordability. At the time, 360 videos were mostly comprised of expensive specialized hardware. Consumers all over the world wanted in on live-streaming, the only thing holding them back was the price. Things quickly changed and now a new camera leads the charge for consumers, the 360Penguin camera. At only $298.88, consumers worldwide can live-stream their adventures to friends and family. Not only can you access 360 with nothing more than a smartphone, you can now create it just as easily.

360 videos have come a long way in the last several years. Specifically, 360 live-streaming and the 360Penguin camera have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Now, immersive entertainment capable of transporting viewers to other worlds is upon us.

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