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Youth Education in 360 and 360Rize

360Rize First drawing concept of 360Penguin
360Rize First drawing concept of 360Penguin

The 360-degree movement is gaining traction and 360Rize is a part of it.

Our home office in Olean, New York often plays host to groups of students from area school districts to come in and learn about not only 360 but about our company and what we do here.

A Small-Town Boy and a 360 Story

The visits, usually a couple hours in length, start off with a presentation from our founder and CEO, Michael Kintner. He likes to tell them the story of a boy from Scio, NY and how that boy has created a business that has achieved international acclaim for advancements in the 360 community.

The second half of the visit is more of a show and tell where students are divided into two groups. One stays downstairs and learns360Rize 360Penguin Salamanca Dream It Do It a bit of the animation side of what we do here. They also get a chance to experiment with our newest addition to the 360 word, the 360Penguin.

Chillin has been a hit with students and educators alike. The story has not only given students a glimpse into what it takes to grow an idea but has also given educators the ability to find new ways of presenting information to their students in and out of the classroom.

Here’s What Else We Do! (Augmented Reality)

In addition to the camera, students are also introduced to the newest development in product marketing through the augmented reality side of the company. Through our app, AR Lively Labels, we can bring boxes, labels, even newspapers to life right before your eyes, all through the power of a cell phone and an app! We have been fortunate to work with regional brewery, Ellicottville Brewing Company, to bring their Blueberry Wheat Beer spokesman, Barry the Blueberry, to life. Chillin and his family have also come to life on the side of the world’s first augmented reality bus, and we have even worked with the local newspaper to bring their nameplate to life for the holidays!

360Rize 360Penguin AR Lively Labels Example

After learning the technical side of our production, students are introduced to the content usage through 360 headsets. We let them swim with aquatic life off a reef and walk with elephants in Africa. We can even give them a quarter-mile ride in a dragster.

It’s all a part of engaging the youth in what is possible in 360 at this point. Who knows? The next major development could come from one of these students walking through our building, all because of a seed planted at 360Rize. And local districts are taking notice of what is possible, right here in small town America. 

360Rize 360Penguin 360Rize Doing Our Part in Education

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