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Understanding WiFi and your 360Penguin

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Often, not having internet connection is a cause for concern when dealing with electronic devices. You may think no internet, no electronic device. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, most devices can function without internet. Take, for example, the 360Penguin.


360Rize 360Penguin Understanding WiFi

When you connect the 360Penguin to its WiFi, pay close attention. Directly under the WiFi name, you’ll notice a message that says “No Internet Connection”. Do not let this bother you! This message does not affect camera and app functions. Additionally, the ability to make calls and send texts is not affected. This message simply means that the 360Penguin’s wireless signal does not create an internet connection. Instead, it creates an access point to control the camera. If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like Bluetooth, you’d be correct! Specifically, this type of wireless signal, known as WiFi Direct.

WiFi Direct is very comparable to Bluetooth and each share similar advantages. Among these shared advantages is ease of use, which is always a benefit when dealing with electronic devices. The ability for your devices to communicate without the need of a router is the key to this usability. Therefore, each device becomes an access point that connects to other WiFi devices. Using WiFi Direct also preserves battery life in your 360Penguin. It uses less power than a Bluetooth creation would.

The next time you go to connect to your 360Penguin, don’t panic when you see “No Internet Connection”. Always remember this is completely normal and is simply part of the process. Thanks to WiFi Direct, the difficulty of trying to connect devices is a thing of the past.

360Rize 360Penguin WiFi Direct and no Internet

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