360Rize 360Penguin Family Photography

Three Reasons Why Traditional Family Photographers Should Add 360 to Their Repertoire

Photography is an ever-evolving art. From the days of a pin hole in a board to the instant cameras that would push an image out the front of the body, advancements in the art bring a fresh new approach to capturing the world around you.

As technology has advanced, the world of 360 photography has burgeoned onto the scene to move from just a novel idea or a conversation piece to a tool that has found its place in several industries. Now, with 360Rize’s newest advancements, the 360Penguin has brought the power of 360 to the consumer and prosumer levels.

Why 360?

Now, why would anyone want to get started in the 360 realm? Well, if you ask any traditional photographer, some of their limitations are have disappeared in the 360 world.

  1. Always in the shot – The joke goes that all of the family photos are missing the photographer of the family. They are the ones always lining up the camera and taking the shot. It only makes sense that they are not in it. That’s not the case with the 360Penguin from 360Rize. Now, everyone is in the shot!
  2. Unlimited Lens Field – The traditional camera is limited to the forward angle of the lens. In 360 photography, that lens is doubled. The 360Penguin has two 210-degree lenses. That’s 420 degrees to be able to give you a perfect 360-degree environment. That means Uncle Mark doesn’t have to try to squeeze into the shot any longer. He’s in it. Just crop the frame to where you need it. 
  3. Life’s Little Surprises – Shooting an image in 360 gives you more than just the intended focus. You are capturing everything all around you. That means you’re capturing the cat walking across the back of the couch on the other side of the room, even Grandpa sleeping in his chair while you get the shot. You may even catch the family dog sneaking a taste of the holiday meal at the table while he thinks no one is looking.

What More Could You Want?

There you have it. The top three reasons to add 360 to your photography toolbox. If that’s not enough, the resolution on the 360Penguin is a stunning 24 megapixels! Switch it over to video and you’ve got all the action is 4K or 6K spherical 360!

All of this is priced to put the production in your hands. Join the 360 content revolution.

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