The 360Penguin by 360Rize has been put through its paces and tested side by side with some of the strongest competition only to emerge from the smoke standing tall. Because of this, the 360Penguin is being called one of the top cameras by those in the know in the industry.

Kevin Kunze is a 360 producer and influencer from California. He took the time to match the 360Penguin up with one of the industry leaders, head to head.

“When I was editing the footage, I got confused with which camera was which,” he said.

While he did say the competitor had a slight advantage, the 360Penguin is about $200 cheaper.  

International Work

Meanwhile, in Europe, 360Today journalists, Don Amel (Don Demas and Amelia Buzeid) have found that the 360Penguin is their go-to camera as they take to the streets of London or Paris, even in the Old Country buildings.

“We like the 360Penguin very much,” Don and Amelia said. “We are impressed with what is possible with the camera. It is a great low-light camera and seems to only get better as the firmware updates come out.”

They should know. They have taken the 360Penguin all over the continent in search of great content and have found some tremendous shots. Each time a post comes out from the duo, the content adds to some amazing shots and even more amazing tales.

360Rize is receiving some great content shot on the 360Penguin from places like Hawaii, Europe, even the drag racing tracks around the United States. The Virtual Reality community has taken notice and the 360Penguin is making waves. The time has come to make your ripples in the VR world.

Put the power of 360 VR creation in your hands. Break the chains and join the 360Penguin revolution.

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