360Rize 360Penguin Live Stream Workaround

Livestreaming in a Pinch: What if I forget my mount?

360Rize 360Penguin With LSAM_(640x1024)You find yourself out shooting with your 360Penguin. It’s all going well when you decide you want to show your friends what’s going on.

As you get your battery pack out to connect you realize your livestream adapter is sitting at home. Somehow it was left out of your gear bag.

How are you going to get that battery connection now?

Well, we at 360Rize have you covered.

Take out that flexible tripod that came with your camera. That’s all you need. Here’s a quick modification to make it work.

360Rize 360Penguin – Livestream without the mount

Take a look at the mounting screw at the top of your tripod. There’s a disc at the base of it. That little thing adds to the stability of your chick as you shoot in a variety of angles with the tripod.
Here’s what you need to do. Take it off.

Yep. With a firm twist in a counter-clockwise direction, just take that disc right off the screw.

Now, when you mount the camera on the tripod you can access the door at the bottom tobe able to plug your battery pack into the USB-C slot.

Now, go out and share your life all around you and livestream all the content you want!

Remember, you can always buy a Livestream Adapter from our store!

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