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Directing your Content with the 360Penguin

The 360Penguin is one of the easiest to use 360 cameras on the market. With that said, to consistently create quality content you must first understand the basic production tactics. These production tactics are crucial but not overly complicated. In this blog we will discuss directing your 360 moments.

Attention to Detail

Preparing to shoot in 360 requires more attention to detail than shooting with a traditional camera. Due to the fact 360 is “All Around You”, everything is in perspective. In other words, you no longer have the luxury of a traditional cameras limited viewpoint. Not only do you have to pay close attention to whats in front of a 360 camera but also what is behind and beside the camera. Often, staging your shot is necessary. To do this make sure all objects are at least a couple feet away from the camera, including yourself. Doing so, will keep your 360 footage from looking distorted. Distorted 360 images are the direct result of the use of fish-eye lenses. Although not often ideal, warped and distorted images can create some really cool effects. That being said, if your goal is to create high quality content, keep your distance!quality 360 content - 360Rize 360Penguin Fallsquality 360 content - The DIDI 500 360 Featured Image

Focus on what’s Important

Focusing on the main parts of your 360 image or video is of utmost importance. When shooting with a camera like the 360Penguin, always make sure the front of either lens is pointing directly at your main focal points. When shooting a video of a basketball game, for example, point the lens directly at the court. This ensures the most important parts of your scene will not be affected by the dreaded stitch line. The stitch line is the point where the footage from each lens comes together, which occurs on each side of the camera. Additionally, 360 videos are at their best when they begin with the most important parts of the scene360Rize Crowd Pic.360Rize 360Penguin Sports Penguin Cheer





To create quality 360 content with your 360Penguin, you must first know how to direct it. Shooting in 360 requires more attention to detail than your average camera, but the end results are far more rewarding. With these production tactics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a regular 360 Spielberg.

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