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The 360Penguin Universal Action Camera Mount

Universal Action Camera Mounting

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360Penguin Using Action Mount Solution

In the last fifteen years, the action camera craze has spread all over the world! People who love to document their experiences using photographic equipment now had an easily portable camera solution. The reasons why one would want to buy an action camera are endless. Some reasons are the fact that they are compact and lightweight. Furthermore, action cameras are easy to place anywhere a shutterbug may want to film from. Along with the creation of action cameras came all of the accessories we have today.

Luckily the three-prong universal fitting we are familiar with has been implemented in almost all action camera mounting solutions. Using this fitting, one can attach an action camera to their helmets, handlebars, body mounts, and various tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks. The 360Rize 360Penguin action camera is no exception to all of these choices. For example, we have designed an action camera mount for this 360 camera that will work with existing action camera mount solutions.

Take The 360Penguin Anywhere!

360 Penguin Camera in Pocket
360 Penguin Camera in Pocket

The 360Penguin camera is our newest solution for filming full 360-degree content. Although our multi-camera designs captured great 360 content in the past, we have worked hard to design this user-friendly 360 camera. For example, the 360Penguin sleek design makes it possible to carry around in your pocket. Some of the worlds leading 360producers still use the multiple camera solution, as it is still very effective.  However, we have found a way to make this type of content capture possible for everyone of all ages! Take the 360Penguin along to any adventure you may be planning on embarking on!

Mount the 360Penguin Anywhere!

360Rize And they say 360Penguin's can't fly
360Penguin mounted on a drone.

Along with the ability to take the 360Penguin anywhere, we have made it possible to mount it anywhere as well. As previously mentioned, we have developed a universal mount attachment for the 360Penguin. Therefore the 360Penguin camera can utilize any three prong action camera mount adaptor on the action camera market. It’s easy to assemble! Place the 360Penguin camera on top of the action camera mount. Tighten the thumb screw that attaches to the 1/4 20 mount insert on the bottom of the 360Penguin.  Then connect the action camera mount to any universal action camera mount solution. Secure the connection by tightening the large thumb screw included with the action camera mounting solution that you have already! Its that easy! If you have any questions about how you can purchase the 360Penguin and its accessories, please check out our great deal on Kickstarter right now! 

360Rize 360Penguin Universal Mount Attachment