360Rize 360Penguin Firmware Update

Keep your 360Penguin Up to Date with Firmware Updates!

360Rize 360Penguin HappyOne of the inevitables of modern life is that electronics need to be updated now and then. A solution for an issue may have been found and needs to be pushed out to your device.

For things like cell phones and computers, those are easy updates. They are pushed through the ether to the device and it automatically receives what’s needed. For other devices, the process is a bit more difficult and has to rely on the user to be able to run those updates.

We call those fixes Firmware Updates. They may fix things that you cannot see. You may not even notice what it did, but it makes your device work better. The process to get these updates up and running on your phone are actually pretty easy.

When we find solutions to problems or find a way to make your experience with your 360Penguin even better, we want you to be able to get those updates. We have a page where all of these updates will live as they come out.

Here’s how you can keep your Penguin up to date:

Go to the web page, www.360rize.com/360penguin-firmware/. Once you find your update (Use the most recent. It will do what’s needed), you’re ready to go.

When you find that update, right-click over it and select ‘Save as.’ Once saved, unzip the folder and put the contents into the root folder of your SD card. You have to do this so your data can be read by your computer. With the file called ‘msdc.mrk still in the root of your SD card folder, the camera becomes an external hard drive when plugged into your computer.

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to do.

  2. Download the latest firmware file shown below.
  3. Unzip the contents of the ZIP file into the root of the Micro SD card

File: card_fw_update.mrk


  1. Turn Off your 360 Penguin Camera
  2. Load SD card into the Camera
  3. Turn On the camera and the update will begin
  4. When Updating the WIFI light will blink blue, video light solid green, power light solid green
  5. When the update is finished your camera will turn off
  6. Load the SD card back into your computer and remove the firmware files from your SD card
  7. NOTE: If you DO NOT remove the firmware files from you SD card it will perform another firmware update.

WARNING: When your camera is updating DO NOT TURN YOUR CAMERA OFF during this process.  It might loose its ability to function again.


The process may seem to be a bit cumbersome but it is important to check our page periodically to see if any new firmware has been added or updated. We want to make sure you have the best possible experience with your 360Penguin.

In addition to posting the firmware, we will make sure to update all of our social media pages, the 360Rize and 360Penguin pages, even the 360Penguin Users and Fans Facebook group. Make sure you keep an eye out for anything that may be needed to keep your Penguin in perfect health.

360Rize 360Penguin – How to update you 360Penguin Firmware

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