Its Hunting Season

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How many of you sportsmen out there look forward to this time of year? Escaping the daily hustle and bustle of civilization is appealing enough! Many outdoors-men simply throw on some camouflage to revert to a place where things are simple and pure. Peace and quiet accompanied by the occasional visits of different types of wildlife can be calming. Many have tried to document these instances in different ways. Capturing an entire experience that one has in an untamed habitat is a difficult task, to say the least. However, 360Rize is no stranger to obtaining all that a beautiful environment has to offer “All Around You ” In fact, we have been at it since 2012! The only difference is that we now have the 360Penguin camera, a solution that any nature lover can utilize without extensive photography knowledge.  The time is now for easy content capture for the purpose of sharing these alluring experiences later! Furthermore, we have a great limited time offer on Kickstarter for this versatile camera system and its accessories!

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The Great 360 Outdoors

360Penguin Tree Mount
360Penguin Tree Mount

As you plan your next retreat to the wild, 360Rize suggests that you take that whole experience in, and save it! There is no need to break the bank on an expensive and bulky camera to do this. For instance, the 360Penguin camera is the easiest to use, most affordable 360 camera available! Its sleek design makes it easy to carry along in your pocket. Therefore, outdoorsmen should never leave home without this wonderful tool to enable them to see all around them. The 360Penguin camera comes with a flexible tripod that can also easily fit into your pocket. Since the camera comes with this tripod, the mounting options are endless. For example, the 360Penguin camera can be fixed to a tree stand, or any tree branch using the flexible tripod to wrap it securely around these things.

How To View in Full 360

360Penguin in the woods
360Penguin App View Hunting

The benefits of using this camera are extensive. One can never tell when an unexpected visitor may come along while you are stationed in your treestand or blind. Capturing footage of these occurrences can help you tell your experience later to those who may think you are telling tall tales. Just mount the 360Penguin in a nearby tree and power it on using the one-button control. Once the camera is powered on, push the WiFi connect button on the side of the camera to send a signal to your iOS or Android mobile device to pair them. Once the device has recognized the camera in the WiFi settings, select the camera, then open the 360Penguin app. Before deciding what mode you would like to capture the experience with, preview the entire environment around you on the mobile device. As you connect your 360Penguin camera to the mobile device, notice all of the options to take a photo, record video, capture a timelapse or live stream directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Birds-eye view “All Around You ™”

360Penguin picture
360Penguin View –

Content capture is only part of the reason why 360 is great to use in the woods. Every sportsman knows the disappointment of missing a kill shot because of too much movement in your position. Its only natural to want to shift your still position to see something you may have heard coming from a direction that wasn’t in your initial view. This movement can scare off any potential game. Therefore, it would be so much better to see everything from your mobile device with just the movement of your finger. See behind you, to the left of you, to the right of you all without making noisy movements. Capture the oncoming wildlife as it nears your location, and be ready for its arrival! Whether you execute the hunt, or just observe, you now have the ability to keep this experience forever and share it to others. Furthermore, they can experience this documented hunt as if they were present by using many different viewing platforms!