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360Penguin takes on Martial Arts

360Rize 360Penguin HappyThe sports world is perfect for shooting 360 content. Sometimes it is to show all the action at the event. Other times, to be able to catch everything, like the game and the reaction of the spectators. For sports like Sport-Jujitsu, a 360 environment lets you catch all of the action going on in all of the matches on the floor.

Recently, the 360Penguin caught all the action at the U.S. National Sport-Jujitsu Championships in Tampa, Florida. The event drew in many competitors throughout the U.S, ranging in all ages.

Sport-Jujitsu is not a particular style of martial arts, it is just a set of rules. Each match consists of two, two-minute rounds with a minute break between for black belts. All other ranks have matches of two, one-minute rounds with a 30-second break. In these rounds, competitors try to outscore each other. They earn for punches, throws, kicks, or takedowns. The fast-paced sport is fun to participate in, but just as fun to watch.

Sometimes, the right camera is all you need360Rize 360Penguin Martial Arts Little Planet

The 360Penguin went along for the ride. With the 360 view captured, none of the action escaped. Sport-jujitsu is a fast-paced environment that can lead to many photography and video issues, especially when matches are going on all around you at once. Standing on the tripod in the middle of the action, the 360Penguin sees all. One of the cool things is, for a participant, all you have to do is put the camera up, press the record button and get to your match! The camera will get all the action or you, even live stream it to Facebook or YouTube for all of your friends to watch.

Sport-jujitsu was very popular in the US and around the world. However, with the rise of popular mixed martial arts brands such as UFC and Bellator, Sport-Jujitsu declined in the US but maintained a strong presence in the rest of the world.  Recently Sport-Jujitsu has been growing again in the U.S. and is well on its way back to its past popularity.

It is a fun, challenging, and engaging sport that anyone can take part in. Whether you’re practiced in boxing, judo, tae kwon do, BJJ, or karate, Sport-Jujitsu welcomes all styles to compete.

Travel for Sports Makes the 360Penguin Perfect!

360Rize 360Penguin AKT Sport Jujitsu Team in FloridaLast year the US put together a National team to compete in the 2017 world games in Gold Coast, Australia. They took home the gold.

Travel with the 360Penguin is a breeze, just slip it into a pocket, suitcase, or carry-on bag and you are all set! Weighing just over two ounces and standing only four inches tall, this bird is ready to fly, drive, or ride with you anywhere you go! Whether you are heading to a tournament in Australia or just a quick drive to the gym down the street, the 360Penguin will be right there with you.

The 2019 world games are set for Florida. These games feature the best martial artists in their disciplines from all over the globe. The competition level ensures that it will be an amazing event! There is no better way for all of these international competitors to share the sport they love and have devoted so much time and energy into than with the 360Penguin.

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