360 Ellicottville Beer And Wine Festival 2018

There’s No Place Like Home

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360Rize Team At 2018 Holiday Valley Beer And Wine Festival

The Enchanted Mountain Area that 360Rize calls home is filled with many interesting events all year round. In this area, we know both smoldering warm summers and bitter cold winters. However, no matter how much the weather changes we have many sights to see and activities for visitors and homesteaders of our charming location. One of the most popular towns in the county of Cattaraugus is Ellicottville Ny. Ellicottville contains the well-known Holiday Valley Ski Resort and Vacation Getaway. Furthermore, Ellicottville is the home to one of the biggest and most well known breweries in Western New York, the Ellicottville Brewing Company. 360rize was proud to be in the middle of one of the biggest events that supports these fine attractions! We present to you footage of the Holiday Valley 2018 Beer And Wine Festival using the 360Penguin Camera for production!

A Toast To EBC!

Ellicottville Brewing CompanyThe main Holiday Valley Lodge featured two entire floors of breweries, and one floor dedicated to wineries. All three levels included musical entertainment to top off the party atmosphere for tasters. Visitors danced aimlessly from booth to booth to experience the specialties of each. Although 360Rize did not provide any spirits, most took interest in a new entertainment that we and The Ellicottville Brewing Company have been collaborating on for quite some time.  The Ellicottville Brewing Company, better known as EBC, now has their own Augmented Reality App for smartphones. The AR Lively Labels App makes it possible for users to make one particular favorite of EBC’s come to life in a matter of speaking. For example, users only have to download the app, and aim their iOS or Android device cameras at any EBC Blueberry product and make it interact!

Taking It All In!

360Rize heart penguinEBC was so excited about the awaited Lively Labels app that they invited us to help spread the word about it at this event. In addition to promoting the app, 360Rize also introduced the 360Penguin camera. We gathered 360 footage all day while festival guests came and went.  Attendees of the beer and wine festival were informed on all the ways 360 can be used. Many there were people who fully embrace the winter weather by skiing or snowboarding at Holiday Valley. Our staff showed them how to easy the 360Penguin is to operate. Furthermore, we displayed all the ways we have applied 360 picture and video using this wonderful little camera so far. The majority of visitors loved posing for the camera as they saw the footage back through our IPad. Many left intrigued and contemplated buying one for that camera enthusiast in their family for the holidays!

Full Festivities Captured

The 2018 Holiday Valley Beer and Wine Festival was so much fun! 360Rize extends the same invitation to all who read this as they did festival go-ers. Experience the  your world “All Around You” with the 360Penguin! Take in an event in its entirety for your future reference! Check out our Kickstarter Campaign going on now for $75 off of your purchase of the 360Penguin and watch some of our training videos to see how easy and fun it is to use! Additionally, if you are somewhere enjoying an EBC Blueberry Wheat Beer, download the AR Lively Labels app free from your app store. Bring your beer to life, and join in on the 360Rize fun!!!

360Rize 360Penguin introcuces AR Liveley Labels at EBC Beer and Wine