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2018 Dream It Do It Visit

360Rize 360Penguin AnnoyedChildren Are Our Future

Since this time last year, 360Rize has taken part in the “Dream It Do It” main mission. That mission is to show the youth of our area that there are some great career opportunities available here where they have been raised. Moreover, they do not need to seek employment elsewhere after completing their education.  Although we had an attendance of 50 kids from Cattaraugus Little Valley Schools in October, 360Rize entertained 32 additional visitors from Salamanca City Schools. Since this school had attended the first in-house event we held last year for DIDI, they requested to bring a new grade level here again. 360Rize gladly presented this new group of youngsters our abilities in the VR technology world. We also showed them some experiences we had along the way as we grew as a company. We believe we intrigued these kids as we have with previous groups. 

In Our Own Back Yard

Since 2012, Michael Kintner, 360Rize CEO, hasSalamanca Dream It Do It built his business up to where it is today. His mission back then was to make the first real 360 content capture possible. He designed and patented a system to hold multiple cameras to achieve this content capture. Although this notion came to him while enjoying his hobby of aerial photography, it has become the interest of many professional cinematographers worldwide. As time went on, he continued to specialize in 360 content capture. Mike tested and designed various models from the highest heights to the lowest depths of the ocean. This sparked the interest of prestigious groups such as the US Navy, and put 360Rize gear in the Guinness Book of World Records! Sure, there were some speed bumps along the way, but the 360Rize team learned and adapted quickly and continue to thrive.

Order Of Events

360Rize 360Penguin Salamanca Dream It Do It 2After Mike took the kids through his documented journey throughout the last 6 years on our big screen, we continued to give them hands-on examples of how our tech is used. He went on to show off our new AR App AR Lively Labels. Many in attendance downloaded the app immediately to make their phones interact with one of our example images.  The 32 children and multiple chaperones divided into two groups. The first group remained in the first level of 360Rize headquarters. This is where they learned about our ability to animate characters using special software, know-how, and tools such as the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro. The second group went to the second level. This is where they experienced 360 footage created by our multi-camera rigs with the Dell HTC Vive Headset. As the groups switched, everyone received a chance at reviewing these examples. 360Rize documented the entire visit using our newest, user-friendly solution to capturing 360 footage. The 360Penguin gathered the presentation, the interaction, and the positive feedback and interest that the students had about shooting full 360.

A 360Rize Message

Mike gave his testimonial to the kids of DIDI that contained his own personal, and positive message. “Never give up on your dreams, and if you 360Rize 360Penguin DIDI Salamancamake mistakes, learn from them” He also introduced his team one by one, and noted that every single one of them hails from this immediate area. Notably, some of the employees are graduates from colleges in this area. This proved that they continued their education and were successful in finding a rewarding employment opportunity at 360Rize without leaving this region we all call home. The 360Rize team will continue to work with “Dream It, Do It” in upcoming events throughout the year. Michael Kintner also would like you to watch the short video that the 360Rize team has created using the 360Penguin!


360Rize 360Penguin Salamanca Dream It Do It Visits 360Rize

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