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Using the 360Penguin without a smartphone

Using the 360Penguin without a smartphone

Your 360Penguin camera has the ability to shoot stunning 6K, as well as 4K 360 video and 24-megapixel 360 photos. You can shoot this content with the camera itself, or via smartphone. Both methods capture the same content, however shooting with the camera directly has its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Knowing how to operate the 360Penguin without a smartphone device will help you become more versatile in your 360 shooting. The 360Penguin, the worlds easiest to use 360 camera, is now available on Kickstarter!    

How to do it

360Rize 360Penguin Powering up your Penguin
Powering up your Penguin

A simple 3-second press of the power button wakes the bird. On startup, the camera is automatically in video mode. From here, a single press of the power button will begin taking your first 360 video. You guessed it, pressing the power button once more will stop your 360 video. Ready to take 24-megapixel 360 photos? Double clicking the power button while in video mode, will switch to photo mode. When your done with taking photos, another simple double-click on the power button will switch the camera back to video mode. We meant it when we said the 360Penguin is the world’s easiest to use 360 camera!

Advantages with No Preview

Sometimes using the camera without the phone is easier.

As mentioned earlier, shooting content directly with the 360Penguin has its advantages. One of these advantages is you avoid having to connect your phone and your camera. Though not a lengthy process, this can be a pain if you need to capture a moment quickly. Let’s say a penguin jumped on your head (highly unlikely) and you need to capture that moment as quickly as possible. If you try connecting your phone to capture it, chances are good you missed that perfect shot. Another advantage of using the camera directly is not having to worry about your phone disconnecting from the camera.

Disadvantages of No Preview

Little Planet Family at NF
Little Planet view at Niagara Falls

It’s hard to have advantages without disadvantages. That being said, not connecting your 360Penguin to your phone has one major disadvantage.  That disadvantage is not being able to preview your shot. Being able to preview your shot is vital to know what the finished product will look like. Without a preview, you are left with uncertainty as to how your content turned out. Having a preview allows the user far more control over the image, being able to adjust views such as little planet gives the user more options. Both methods of operating the 360Penguin create stunning videos and photos, however connecting the camera to a smartphone tends to be the preferred method.




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