360Rize 360Penguin and accessories

Unboxing The 360Penguin

Everything a 360 Producer needs!

Congratulations on the purchase of your new 360Penguin camera! As you know, the 360Penguin will give you the ability to share your favorite experiences in a full 360 degrees! 360Rize is always here for any questions you may have. To get you going, we have created some great ‘How-To’ videos to help get you started! The first one you may want to watch is the Unboxing of the 360Penguin. We have included with the 360Penguin everything that a first-time 360 producer would need to have in any shooting situation. Here is a look at the contents inside that familiar product box!

Get That Camera In Your hands!

360 Penguin Camera in Pocket
360 Penguin Camera in Pocket

The first thing you will see in the 360Penguin product box is the star of the show, the 360Penguin Camera! Remove the nestled-in camera and protective stickers on the lenses. Feel free to turn on the slightly charged camera for the first time by pushing this button in and holding for 3 seconds until the green light comes on. Do the same to turn it off. Examine the bottom of the 360Penguin to locate the small door leading to the charging port and SD card slot. Also, notice the 1/4 20 mounting point. Afterward, close the door, and notice the 360Penguin can be set aside in an upright position on a flat surface. There is no need to worry about using a mounting solution at first. The 360Penguin can stand on its own! Notice the one button control on the front of the camera.

Included Mounting Accessory

Tripod in the woods
360Penguin and Tripod in the woods

After you have removed the 360Penguin, notice the dividing insert underneath it. Remove this divider to reveal the added accessories for the 360Penguin in your purchase. 360Rize has included a flexible tripod to enable users to place the 360Penguin anywhere they desire to capture 360 footage. The mounting possibilities are wide open with the use of this versatile tripod. For example, place the tripod on a flat surface, or wrap around a tree branch, fence post, or railing. Therefore the 360Penguin can capture content from any angle and any location!

Charging Accessory

Let’s talk about one of the biggest concerns with action cameras today, battery life. From a full charge, users have the freedom to film up to 1 1/2 hours of video using the 360Penguin while storing content to the SD card.  On the other hand, this camera can also live stream for a complete hour with a fully charged battery. The 360Penguin will need to be fully charged when being removed from its packaging for the first time. Attach the included USB-C cable to a USB port or two prong adapter to charge.  Once this step is completed, choose your desired method of filming. Furthermore, if you have purchased our Live Stream Mount for this camera, your charging cable can be used to supply the camera with continuous power.

Protecting your Penguin Penguin in Bag

The 360Penguin’s sleek design makes it easy to tote it in your pocket, purse, or backpack. However, we still recommend that it be transported while safely preserved inside our included protective bag. The small black 360Rize drawstring bag ensures a safe delivery to and from locations without lens damage or entry of dust and dirt. The 360Penguin cameras fixed focus lens is durable, but will only capture its full potential of resolution if it is being maintained correctly. Before every shoot, be sure to gently wipe each lens with the included lens cloth provided to remove any obstruction.

User Information

Before opening, notice an abundance of information about the capabilities of the 360Penguin shown on the back of the box. Furthermore, find the Instruction Manual tucked inside the packaging along with the accessories. This manual has information on the specifications found on the back of the 360Penguin box. Additional information in this manual consists of the product layout details, button functions, light indication information, charging options, and safety and security information. Moreover, the 360Penguin contains many different viewing modes and sharing options when utilizing the free app that is available for download on all iOS and Android devices. The second bit of info included encourages users to complete a warranty card and return for an added insurance on your new 360Penguin product. Lastly, find the additional slip of information on your camera that ensures you have all of your serial number and WiFi login passwords for future reference.

360Rize 360Penguin Unboxing Video


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