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Four things you should know about 360

Taking standard video isn’t as simple as just point and click. It requires you to carefully frame every shot. This kind of filming is all well and good, however, there is a new phenomenon. While there is a place for traditional video, 360 is an up-and-coming format that makes shooting great looking content easier. Shooting 360 video is an all-new ball game, but not nearly as complicated as you may think. Content creation in 360 requires an all-new approach. Think clean sheet of paper. 360 video is point and shoot, capturing everything all around you. In this guide, I have included tips and techniques that will help you get on the right track.

1. The 360Penguin is the definitive 360 camera

360Rize 360Penguin mounted on a car
The 360Penguin dash-mounted in a vehicle.

Not all 360 cameras are created equal, this is a given. Some are overly complicated, while others don’t even shoot 360 degrees. Some 360 cameras are affordable, others outrageously expensive. The common perception is for something to be of good quality it needs to be expensive. However, this isn’t always the case. Take for instance the extremely affordable 360Penguin. A camera capable of shooting truly immersive 360 content, while maintaining affordability. Check out our game-changing 360Penguin, now available on Kickstarter!

2. The smaller the better

360 Penguin Camera in Pocket
360 Penguin Camera in Pocket

Life will be much easier with a smaller camera, I promise. You’ll be able to place the camera in far more spots and have an easier time carrying it. Plus the smaller the camera the less likely it is you’ll have to stitch together the content, think 360Penguin. Many big 360 rigs use several cameras that make you stitch together the finished content, which can be very time-consuming.


3. Beware of the Stitch

Proximity distortion
Being too close can create an odd effect in your images.

The term ‘stitch‘ refers to the line where the camera’s lenses overlap. Be mindful of this and always make sure the focal points of your subject are directly in front of the lens. One of the first things you should do when shooting 360 is to determine the position of your light source. Always avoid pointing your camera directly at the bright light. This will ruin your videos and photos. In the event that you do point your camera’s lens directly at the light, the resulting video will have a very noticeable stitch line. You can avoid this by pointing the side of your camera at the light, this will allow for an even distribution of light across both lenses. Humans avoid staring directly at a bright light and so should your camera.

4. Keep your distance

This is a big deal if you are new to shooting 360 video. Because 360 cameras use fish-eye lenses, objects that are to close to the camera will appear distorted in your content whether it be a video or photo. Though not often ideal, these distorted fish-eye views can create some really cool effects, especially with people’s faces. Additionally, the seam becomes more noticeable the closer objects are to the camera, blurring the image. For these reasons keep objects at least a couple of feet away from the camera.

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