360Rize 360Penguin family

Consumer-Friendly 360 is Here! It’s So Easy, Everyone Can Use It Like a Pro!

Let’s face it. Traditional consumer level cameras leave users cut out of a picture, literally and figuratively. If you are the photographer, all your family photos are missing you. Shooting in eliminates all of that.

This little guy can do it all, and you can help bring him to the world! We have launched a Kickstarter campaign and have given our backers the ability to buy the 360Penguin for a lower price. Even get a couple accessories at discounted prices by helping us populate the world with Penguins.

On Kickstarter – 360Penguin: First Family-Friendly 360° VR video and photo camera

360Rize, a global leader in the 360photo and video industry, has found a solution that is so easy, any member of the family can do it. Editing is a snap because all the hard stuff is done right in the camera. Sounds rather expensive, doesn’t it? It really isn’t.

What can it do?

Now, with the 360Penguin, you can shoot spherical-degree videos in 6K, 4K, and lower resolutions. With the tap of a button on your phone or the press of the single operations button on the camera, you can be shooting 24-megapixel images in that same spherical-degree view. You can show the world “All Around You™” for only $298.88!

With the 360Penguin, you can share your videos and photos right to Facebook or YouTube. Have something to show in real time? You can live stream to Facebook or YouTube right from your phone. With the 360Penguin app, you control the camera from your phone. You see what the camera sees.

The technology in the 360Penguin has overcome a major barrier to consumer-friendly, cost-effective video. Traditional cameras shoot the images or video only to leave the user to stitch together the seams. The process was time-consuming and could be expensive. The 360Penguin does all of that stitching right in the camera, giving you a high-quality image that is ready to share.

You’ll be shooting high-quality content and sharing on your social media channels all with the pressing of a button and the tapping of your smartphone. You’ll be creating some pretty amazing video with this revolutionary camera. Your still pictures will never be missing a family member again! With 24 megapixels, the resolution is high enough that you can crop to whatever angle you want to make the shot perfect.