360Rize Penguins are Social

360Penguins are Social

360Rize 360Penguin HappyMuch like the penguin in the wild, the 360Penguin is a social bird. He lives better in his waddle, with other birds. We believe the best way for our 360Penguin users to learn, grow and thrive is to be social as well! Our social media channels will help you with that process. Be a part of the 360Penguin community.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see a small sample of what can be done with the 360Penguin, why not join the communities to learn more and to see how others are making their photos and videos better in a 360-degree environment.

It seems overwhelming, but with a little direction and some good examples, you’ll be out there, shooting and sharing like a Hollywood director.

Our Social Media World

You can follow Chillin and the 360Penguin family at the 360Penguin Facebook page for news and product updates. The main page will be the place to watch for future news that just may allow you to take your Penguin swimming!

We have a community for 360Penguin Users and Fans. As the community grows and more great 360-degree videos and images are shot, you’ll see what others are up to with their 360Penguin and to be inspired with what you can do with yours!

Our company page, 360Rize, offers followers a chance to see what else we are working on. 360Rize is a global leader in 360-degree solutions for so many areas of imagery and videography. We build multi-camera arrays used by the US Navy and NASA for research. Our rigs are in demand for projects surrounding the Olympics and large-scale, innovative music productions.

360Rize BECK music production at Paramount Studios

Also, we also have a YouTube channel to share our content and keep followers up to date. We have an Instagram page, and a Twitter account.

So, with all our social media out there, we can help you learn the who, what, when, where, and most importantly, the how, in shooting 360 pictures and videos.

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