car show 2 side view

Life in the 360 Fast Lane!

360Rize Showing Off in Buffalo NY!

At a recent car meet in Buffalo, NY known as Buffalo Cars and Coffee, 360Rize was on  display.  This car meet saw over 500 cars in the parking lot of Eastern Hills Mall.  Cars of all types took part in the event. Models including some of the most highly regarded from their equally iconic manufacturers, such as McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, and Ford were present.  The 360 camera system displayed at this high-octane excitement was none other than our very own 360Rize Pro10 rig designed for GoPro™ Hero5/6 cameras.  Imagine being part of an experience in one of these high dollar high performance machines using fully interactive, high resolution 360! 360Rize is fully equipped to make this notion a reality! Moreover, we have captured similar footage in the past! Allthough the task of filming from a camera system mounted to a vehicle is well practiced, the task of also filming 360 degree, high resolution interactive footage is something we love making a reality.

All eyes on 360!

Even at a place so littered with eye candy, 360Rize was still a stand out.  Among the millions of dollars worth of cars present at the show, our camera system was quite a draw to the green Mercedes-AMG GTR it was mounted on!  In the past, 360Rize has provided camera systems to assist in the promotion of Lincoln,  Mercedes Benz and Bentley.  We have also filmed big productions ourselves for major car companies like Ford, and Jaguar.  Onlookers throughout the day had questions about our 360Rize company, our camera systems, and how we can incorporate them and their beautiful vehicle loving experiences into the world of 360.  Don’t be surprised if you see more cars in the future with our 360 rigs on them! The interest and passion to share these experiences by the car owners themselves is definitely growing!

The Setup

The 360Rize Pro10 rig is an all-purpose solution for filming immersive virtual reality content in both indoor and outdoor environments.  By positioning 10 cameras in a spherical shape, a full 360-degree panoramic image can be achieved, and then viewed via the industry’s leading virtual reality head mounted displays, as well as other 360 video platforms.  Hinged camera arms allow for simple camera installation and impressive durability.  In addition to holders, an anodized aluminum core comes standard for improved strength and includes 3/8” mounting points.  Mounting and positioning the cameras for that perfect talent capture really has been made simple!  If you are interested in capturing 360 footage of your car in action, which I’m sure you are by now, you can rest easy knowing we have multiple mounting solutions such as the suction cup mount that ensures the safe attachment of our 360 systems to your prized chariot! This mounting solution was featured at this event.

Start Your Images!

Education on this type of content capture is always available! Check out our Youtube channel for more information on how to start capturing and sharing your “Life Without Edges™” Once your finished, take us along for the ride virtually! If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.   We love to educate! Contact us at to learn more on how to join the 360 fun!