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Attending Dream It Do It STEM Fair Event 2018 at Portville High School

I Have a Dream

One of the many great things about 360Rize, is that they have never forgotten where they have come from! CEO Michael Kintner has admittedly always been an entrepreneur and dreamer. With his positive, never-give-up attitude, he has built 360Rize into the enterprise it is today. Mike has taken his ideas and made them a reality and in some cases virtually and in augmented ways. At the same time, has made real life situations a reality to those who may never be able to physically experience them. Whether the content capture be on land, under water, or in the air, our patented 360 products have been responsible for making this type of content capture possible from the top of Mount Everest to shark infested waters in New Zealand or black tip shark in Micronesia. The application of 360Rize technology has been around since 2012.  Unfortunately, our technology had not been presented to our local youth directly…..until now!

Dream It Do It WNY

Last fall 360Rize was introduced to, Mrs. Evelyn Sabina from the “Dream It Do It”. She then requested our assistance in presenting proof that advanced manufacturing employment opportunities are available in our area. Graduates of high school often have a misconception that they need to further their education and seek jobs outside of our area to be successful.  The mission of “Dream It Do It” is to show this adolescent age group of students what opportunities are available right here in Western Ny. Furthermore, our shared goal with “Dream It Do It”  was to persuade our area youth to continue their education and apply their learned skills here in WNY. In addition, we told them our adventurous story! Mike presented his testimonial that “Dream It Do It” are words that 360Rize has built themselves on! In fact, by the end of our in-house presentation on Oct 13th 2017, the mystified youth were very reluctant to leave and wanted to know more!

360Rize Dream It Do It Double RobotDouble Robotics Captured STEM Fair Students

Below are some fun images captured using the Double Robot during the STEM event.   360Rize uses the Double Robot to capture its 360 video images when on project locations.   See the students reactions below to the Double Robot as it approaches them.

See How Far We’ve Come!

360Rize have held past locations outside of our beautiful Western NY area. Locations included production and sales  based out of Massachusetts, California,Florida, as well as Mikes home-based office in Olean. In addition, affiliated producers located in 98 different countries worldwide have added to our wonderful content catalog. Needless to say, 360Rize has seen the world with the production captured with our patented 360 Rigs. After a while, Mike realized his need to be in many places at once have become unnecessary. 360Rize equipment is everywhere with the help of affiliated producers who have purchased our product worldwide.  The 360Rize sole location now is based right here on 2216 West State St in Olean NY!


Attendance to our first STEM Fair 2018

Our first ‘Dream It Do It” event indeed made a lasting impression on the youth that visited our office. So much in fact, the annual “Dream It Do It” STEM Fair 2018 asked us to attend. The annual STEM Fair includes 25 of the areas advanced manufacturing companies and the leading area colleges. Thus, approximately 1000 students from various school districts in Cattaraugus County attended the  STEM Fair 2018. 360Rize presented our 360 degree content capture rigs as well as the accomplishments they have completed. Namely the award of being placed in the Guinness book of world records 2015. 360Rize staff explained the process of using the gear and showed footage on our mobile version of VR head sets. We also presented our ability to put together virtual tours of any establishment to promote in our local area. Lastly, we presented our newest AR app that had been introduced the previous week at NAB show in Las Vegas. All of our services available were also viewed on our 10x6ft LED Display screen, therefore the draw to our booth was tremendous!

Post Stem Fair

As the “Dream It Do It” STEM Fair 2018 came to a close, 360Rize packed up our boxes and felt that we had subsequently helped Evelyn and the rest of the “Dream It Do It” collaborators accomplish the overall mission. Students walked away from the STEM fair realizing the wonderful fields they could be a part of once they apply their full potential. 360Rize was indeed the talk of the show. Our local newspaper, The Olean Times Herald, seemed to think so! Check out the article of the event at posted on April 21, 2018.