Hann Homestead Inn

The Hann Homestead Inn featured 3D Interactive Tour

The Hann Homestead Inn

For Barbara Strouse Rechenberg, it’s all about coming home. One hundred and seventy seven years ago, Barbara’s great great great grandparents, Simeon and Rachel Hann, built a special home, a home with 17 rooms, amidst 600 acres in Shoemakers Corners, NY ( now Andover, NY.)

In this home, Simeon and Rachael Hann raised 10 children. For the next 120 years generation after generation, all members of the Hann family lived on the property. The family names of Hann, Baker, Adams and Lever all have a Montage place in Barbara’s family tree, all are Founding Families of Andover, NY and all have played a part in the story that is The Hann Homestead Inn. Barbara and Kurt wish to preserve the home that holds so much of her family history.

Kurt and Barbara welcome YOU back home. Back home to The Hann Homestead Inn- even if it is your very first visit!

3D Interactive Tour ‘Tech’

360Rize used a Pro 3D Camera collecting accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas. What was created was an Interactive Tour that not only lets you see the charm but walk through at your own leisure, follow a guided tour or see a 3D Model called Dollhouse view of the The Hann Homestead Inn.

3537-Barrett Hill Road- Andover - NY - Main Floor 3537-Barrett Hill Road- Andover - NY - Second Floor




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