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Its never easy to pigeon hole 360Rize in Olean NY. Most of our 360 video production has been captured and featured all over the world. Nevertheless, the 360Rize family is very devout in promoting and helping our own community grow and prosper. The Enchanted Mountains area holds a lot of wonders in which 360 content capture would be a great idea. On the contrary, gathering pictures and video of this little slice of western NY heaven has been done before by our team before. The 360Rize team has now found a way to showcase business, entertainment venues, and even schools and realty in the area. As a result, 3D Building Tours are sure to promote everything this community has to offer by gathering 250% more online views by linking these tours to Google Maps.


AKT Combatives Academy has added a 3D Interactive tour so the community around us can enter their Dojo and be a part of the AKT community. Stepping into AKT Combatives for the first time was welcoming and professional.  Many customers in the area choose this Academy for self defense instruction, physical fitness and to build self confidence.  Furthermore, customers can experience all levels of fitness and activity within this space. The mission at AKT is to “empower students to achieve their fullest personal potential by engaging in traditional, reality-based training that instills the traits of self-discipline, honor, loyalty, integrity, justice, courage, and strength” Grandmaster Barry Broughton,PhD chose to take advantage of “putting AKT on the map” by having the 3D Building Tour done by 360Rize. Barry is notably one of the first businesses to utilize this new technology and encourages more businesses in the area to do so.

Our AKT and 360Rize Member

360Rize gets to experience the talent, professionalism and work ethic of an AKT Combatives Academy Student & Instructor with our Animation Artist, Michael Hanchett.   Michael is a part of Team USA and indeed  an advocate for the benefits of being a part of the AKT Combatives family. 


Check out AKT Combatives Academy with a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour!  Click Anywhere in the ‘Dollhouse’ View and begin your personalized Tour.   Click on the Share arrow within the Video to Share on Social Network Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


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AKT Combatives Academy

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