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Live or Work Abroad?  We are extremely excited to announce you can NOW purchase our full line of 360 Plug-N-Play™ VR products at Manfrotto.co.uk!

360Rize teams up with Manfrotto Distribution UK to offer 360 video products direct to the European Union

When it comes to camera and production equipment distribution, Manfrotto Distribution UK a Vitec Group Company (NYSE:VTC) is one of the most respected names in the industry and we’re thrilled to be working with them.”— Michael Kintner, 360RIZE® CEO

This news follows the announcement that 360Rize® has been also part of Manfrotto Distribution US presenting to hundreds of dealers in the US excited about getting into the 360 Video and VR world.

360Rize® patented 360 Plug-N-Play® – specializing in virtual reality 360 video technology, 360 spherical video camera systems that capture 360 video content as high as 12K resolution VR content. 360Rize® also develops 360 video workflow solutions such as 360CamMan™, the world’s first VR media management software and many other 360 video workflow solutions.

Through years of research and innovation, 360Rize is empowering content creators to push the limits of this emerging technology and its unique modular 360 Plug-n-Play™ product line. It allows producers to use the action and cinematic camera multi-camera arrays or as they were intended for efficient camera management for multi-purpose use.

The range consists of Holders for 3 – 24 GoPro and YI cameras, Genlock capability with Timecode Systems holders and specialised holders for Blackmagic cameras alongside the 360CamMan media management software.



Pro6 360 video rig

360Rize Pro6 v2 VR 360° Video Gear w/ 3/8” Mount
The Pro6 v2 is a professional tool for filming 360° virtual reality video content. Positioning GoPro™ cameras in a spherical orientation, the Pro6 v2 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder captures high resolution (up to 7,500 x 3,750 pixels) content that can be viewed with the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the industry’s other leading virtual reality head mounted displays and platforms.
SRP £303.95

360Rize Pro6L v2 Drone and Helmet 3/8” Mount
The Pro6L v2 is specifically designed for drone, vehicle and helmet mounting to create semi-spherical 360° video. It is ideal for situations where mounting a 360° rig close to an object or surface is necessary.
The Pro6L v2 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder positions five GoPro cameras in a portrait orientation facing outward along the horizon and a single GoPro on top, leaving the bottom open.
SRP £303.95

360Orb Bullet360 virtual reality 360° video gear360Rize 360Orb 24-Camera 2D/3D VR 360° Video Gear
The 360Orb is a professional tool for filming high resolution 2D and 3D virtual reality 360 video content. Positioning 24 GoPro™ cameras in a spherical orientation, the 360Orb 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder captures 360 x 180 degree videos and photos at resolutions as high as 32K. This model is ideal for studio shoots and other close quarter environments due to its high degree of frame overlap and the close proximity to subjects.
SRP £1,361.95

360Rize 360Helios 6 360° Six-Camera Mount
The 360Helios system is designed to have the smallest possible form factor for positioning Blackmagic Design cameras for spherical capture. Our 360Helios holders position our custom lenses as close to the nodal center of the rig as physically possible. Due to the 360Helios rig’s design and the shallow form factor of the lenses themselves, each camera’s lens is closer to those directly adjacent to it in the configuration.
SRP £873.95