What is the best way to mount 360Rize 360 rigs onto Manfrotto monopods and why? 

That is a question that keeps coming up by our amazing customers as to why the multiple mounting points on all of the 360Rize 360 video gear.  Here is a quick demonstration video on how to properly mount our 360 video rigs to Manfrotto’s new VR monopod’s or any other monopoles.   CEO, Mike Kintner, explains each different mounting point on our H5 Pro6 (using GoPro cameras) and YI Pro6 rigs (using YI Cameras) and what’s the best application for each mounting position.

Here is a basic run down of the key points in this quick tutorial.

Lets start with an introduction from Michael Kintner, CEO founder of 360Rize a 360Heros Inc. company as he explains why each 360 video rig has multiple mountings position with its importance.  With over 10 years of special mounting experience, Mr. Kintner explains the simple yet essential usage of these two rigs. We implore you to check out the page and see our other tutorials on all our products.

There are various mounting points on each 360Rize rig. The tutorial focuses on Mounting Points A & B on the H5 Pro6 and YI Pro6 rigs. It is important to know where each mounting point is and what the main purpose is for them to save time in post production.

All of our rigs are compatible with the Manfrotto 360 VR series of monopods. You can purchase these monopods as well as all of our rigs on the Manfrotto website at manfrotto.us/360Rize.   The carbon fiber mono poles will be available 4th quarter 2017 on Manfrotto’s site and can be purchased individually or as a bundle at 360Rize.

Corner mounting point A on our anodized aluminum core for improved strength is landscape mode. It is the perfect mounting point for shooting in wide open areas such as fields, concert venues, and stadiums. It is not good for shooting yourself or talent as they would be on the seem and potentially shooting with 45 degree angles.

Side mounting point B on our anodized aluminum core for improved strength is portrait mode. Shooting is portrait mode is for when you want to film yourself as your are walking. If you want to be visible to your audience and explain what they are seeing in 360 view make sure to use mounting point B.

Have other questions? A wealth of information is on our website under our FAQs tab at 360rize.com/faqs/ or can contact us at support at 360rize.com

Of course if you have any other questions and cannot find them on our FAQs page or YouTube channel, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We always look forward to speaking with our customers and helping in any way we can at 360Rize.

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