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Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO SPECIAL OFFER!

Timecode Systems Syncbac Pro Special OfferTimecode Systems and 360Rize have developed a fantastic 360 Video solution using shared technology, to make it simple for VR producers to efficiently create video from multiple GoPro™ Hero4 cameras with timecode synchronization.

For a limited time, Timecode Systems will offer their SyncBac VR Bundle at 10% off!

Check out their website to register and receive the coupon code.

The SynBac VR bundle is a complete 360 VR workflow solution, and it includes, our 360Rize SyncBac rig, SyncBac PRO camera holder, and a :pulse mini base station.

This new technology uses a frame-accurate timecode to create a timecode MP4 file at the source. This streamlines the post-production work and saves 360 video producers in time and resources as they put their projects together.

The SyncBac Pro system also significantly extends the battery life of the GoPro™ Hero 4 series camera and allows for remote control and monitor of all of the cameras in the rig from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO Frame Accurate Timecode VR Solutions

  • Easy clip-in assembly into SyncBac™ holder
  • Automatic Timecode Sync with GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras
  • Multi-camera control option when using :pulse to connect to BLINK Hub Dashboard
  • Monitor and control cameras from smartphone, tablet, or computer and streamline production workflow ·
  • Mount cameras in a patented 360 Plug-n-Play™ orientation to facilitate capturing 360 x 180-degree videos and photos*
  • Hinged camera arms allow for simple camera installation and removal on set ·
  • Compatible with GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras ·
  • Holder features 3/8″ threaded mounting point
  • Full access to HDMI and USB ports for optional external power and live streaming solutions ·
  • High-strength polycarbonate camera holder assemblies offer strength and durability ·
  • All-purpose model for indoor and outdoor filming.

At the 2017 NAB Show, we met up with Timecode Systems, who displayed the SyncBac PRO at their booth.
Check out this video with Paul Scurrell from Timecode Systems at NAB Show from postPerspective.

NAB 2017: Timecode Systems' Paul Scurrell

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