Shark Tank Casting Call

360Rize Attends Shark Tank Casting Call

360Rize Founder and CEO Michael Kintner went on an adventure this week, traveling to Detroit Michigan to attend a Casting Call for the ABC show Shark Tank.
360Rize is no stranger to dealing with sharks! In 2014, a 10-foot Great White Shark ate our 10,000 prototype VR rig off the coast of New Zealand. But we’re confident that TV’s Shark Tank “sharks” aren’t anywhere near as frightening!

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Mike arrived at the location late Thursday night, and set up his umbrella and chair to hold his spot as tenth in line at 1AM. He slept in his truck until about 4AM, and the line had grown to about 110 people. By 9:00AM, the line had grown to 800 people, and only 500 people received wristbands to get in.

Then after a presentation by Shark Tank producers, Mike went back to make his one minute pitch!

So now, we just wait for two weeks to see if we get a phone call to move forward with the casting process! Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when we hear more!
Check out Mike’s videos from Detroit on Facebook!

In the News

A very wet and chilly Mike Kintner talks to ABC Channel 7 in Detroit at around 14:00 into this video.


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