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We Are 360VR Films BMX Olympic Gold Medal Virtual Reality Experience™

Dan Sherbondy and the team from We Are 360VR are a full service virtual reality production company carving out a niche in the real estate, travel and extreme sports content categories. Their latest project offers viewers a chance to enjoy the latter with the Olympic Gold Metal Virtual Reality Experience™.

The 360 video content tells the story of Connor Fields, an Olympic gold medal-winning BMX rider. Viewers follow Connor as he hits the race course and experience his ride from a first-person perspective.

Behind the Scenes With We Are 360VR

The crew from We Are 360VR joined KTNV News to discuss working with Connor and using virtual reality as a medium for sharing experiences.

KTNV Las Vegas Morning Show – Topic: Virtual Reality

To capture Connor’s race experience, We Are 360VR utilized several 360 video rigs to film both moving and still shots. The moving shots were captured with the Pro6, a standard 6-camera 360 video rig. The lightweight and versatile mounting capability of the Pro6 made it possible to film Connor’s race with a first-person field of view (FOV).

Dan Sherbondy prepping a helmet-mounted Pro6 on set.

Six-camera configurations have become a standard for filming spherical content. Based on our tests, 6-camera rigs offer the minimum amount of frame overlap and resolution for professional quality production work. The Pro6 outputs final 360 video files with resolutions as high as 7,500 x 3,750 pixels.


The still shots were filmed with the Pro10HD, a 10-camera system offering high resolution and a large degree of frame overlap for improved post-production quality. Dan and his team combined footage from both rigs to offer viewers the interactive experience.

The Pro10HD v2 10-camera 360 video rig.

More from We Are 360VR

Dan and his team film a variety of content spanning action sports, branded content, and highlighting attractions throughout the country. Their work creating a white water rafting experience at Cherry Creek is an example of their work in sharing popular destinations in fully spherical 360 video.

Cherry Creek EXTREME Class 5 PLUS White Water Rafting

In order to capture the rafting experience without risking any camera gear, We Are 360VR utilized the 360H6 all-weather rig. Dan mounted the rig on a helmet to capture a first-person perspective of his whitewater rafting adventure.

Dan Sherbondy and the team from We Are 360VR filming with the 360H6 360 video rig.
Dan Sherbondy and the team from We Are 360VR filming with the 360H6 360 video rig.

We’re excited to have production companies like We Are 360VR working with our technology and pushing the boundaries of what we can capture in 360. Learn more about We Are 360VR on their website and sign up for the 360RIZE newsletter for more 360 video updates.

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