Versatile 360H6 360 Video Rig Offers Support for New GoPro™ Hero5 Black

800x455-360H6-productsThe 360H6 weatherproof 360 video rig is one of the most versatile rigs available to content creators. Mounting 6 GoPro™ cameras in their waterproof housings, the rig’s simplistic design is compatible with new GoPro™ Hero5 Black, GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras and GoPro™ Hero3 series cameras.

GoPro™ Hero5 Black Compatibility

The 360H6’s interchangable design makes it possible to switch between different versions of GoPro cameras when they are in their waterproof housing. This adaptability has allowed users to take the 360H6 all over the world, filming in different environments with a variety of GoPro™ Hero4 and Hero3 cameras. This same concept now applies to the new GoPro™ Hero5 Black.

GoPro Hero5 ImageSince the 360H6 attaches to GoPro™ cameras via their waterproof housings, the 360H6 can be attached to the GoPro™ Hero5 Black in the same fashion. Our original setup video for the 360H6 demonstrates how cameras and their housings are fastened to the rig. This process is exactly the same for the GoPro™ Hero5 Black and can be applied to add support for these new cameras:

360H6 Unboxing & Assembly Tutorial

The 360H6 being used to film humpback whales off the coast of Ireland. Photo: Jessie Ward O’Sullivan

Note: The GoPro™ Hero5 Black does not ship with a waterproof housing. Waterproof housings for the new Hero5 Black are available as an additional accessory from our friends at B&H Photo.

360H6 Versatility

One of our most consistent pieces of equipment through the years, the 360H6 continues to evolve with the times and offer content creators versatility. From the arctic to the rainforest, this weatherproof rig captures high resolution (7,500 x 3,750 pixels) 360 video content in some of the world’s most remote, harsh conditions.

Added camera support now means this rig’s capabilities have continued to expand as it now offers support for the GoPro™ Hero5 Black, GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras and GoPro™ Hero3 series cameras.

Go on safari with the 360H6 sample footage below:

360 Video African Safari Experience

Its ability to protect cameras in rainy, misty conditions makes it a favorite among filmmakers capturing life at sea. Filming aboard boats, surfboards, and other aquatic craft are all popular uses for the 360H6 rig. The relatively light weight of the unit and its small form factor also make drone mounting, simple monopod mounting and tripod mounting in studios all possible. These different configurations make the 360H6 arguably the most versatile 360 video rig on the market.

View the concept behind fully spherical (360 x 180 degree) 360 video capture with the 360H6:

How does the 360Rize 360 Video and Photo gear work?

The 360H6 continues to be a key piece of the 360 shooter’s toolkit and we’re proud to see it keep evolving with updated camera support. For more information on adding Hero5 Black support to your 360H6 or the rig in general, contact support@360rize.com.

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