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Learn About the New Bullet360 360 Video System

Our CEO Michael Kintner went back to the drawing board earlier this year to revamp 360Heros 360 video technology. The result was our new line of modular 360 Plug-n-Play holders and the introduction of the Bullet360 system.

The Bullet360 is an electrical board that comes pre-installed in the Bullet360 version our rigs (we now offer both a v2 and Bullet360 version of our rigs. Learn more on our shopping center). The benefits of the daisy chained electrical board system include the ability to remotely turn all of the unit’s cameras on and off simultaneously, triggering all of the cameras to record with a tight frame sync (+/- 5 frames at 120 fps) and a built-in buzzer for audio syncing the footage from each camera.

Bullet360 System Demonstration

Bullet360 360 Video System Demonstration

The video above features our Pro10HD Bullet360 and demonstrates the universal on/off and start/stop recording function that controls all 10 of the unit’s cameras simultaneously.

Bullet360 In Action

While attending the WistiaFest 2016 video marketing conference the 360Heros production team had the opportunity to put the Bullet360 system to the test. Check out the video below in which Matt Sheils demonstrates how to operate the Pro7 Bullet360 on-set.

360 Time-lapse Video Demonstration – Bullet360 Interface

Bullet360 Sample Footage

The end result was a tightly synced set of 7 GoPro™ files that Matt was able to frame sync during the post production process. The time this system saves in syncing footage makes it possible to turn around a stitched 360 video on tight deadlines and offers a high level of camera control on-set.

WistiaFest 360 Video Time-lapse Cruise

Over the course of the past three years we’ve continued to innovate and create exciting new tools for content creators. We’re proud to be sharing this latest batch of 360 video gear with our community and can’t want to see what you create with it!

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