A Comprehensive Tutorial on 360-Degree Video with Jeremy Sciarappa

We at 360Heros understand that capturing 360 video can seem like a daunting task. Rest assured it isn’t as difficult as it may seem, that’s why we’re proud to bring to you a comprehensive tutorial by videographer Jeremy Sciarappa!

360-degree video workflow: 360Heros Mount and CamMan

The video features our original Pro6 rig and touches on synchronization methods, ideal rig positions while shooting, importing data from microSD cards to a PC, the benefits of using 360CamMan, and an explanation of the proper camera modes and their purpose. He also provides guidance for how to use Kolor Autopano to stitch the content and incorporate a logo into your 360 video.


The collaboration began when we approached Jeremy after noticing his success  with his original 360-Degree Video Beginner’s Guide video. Jeremy has been a full-time YouTuber since 2014, creating tutorials, reviews, and vlogs. It was in the middle of 2015 that 360-degree videos sparked his interest. Since then he’s been producing 360-degree content and helpful how-to tutorials.

After receiving plenty of positive comments and emails stating that his videos were very helpful, Jeremy said, “It makes me happy knowing I helped thousands of people get started in this new medium.” After Jeremy’s experience using the Pro6 rig and 360CamMan V2 he said,

“The CamMan software by 360Heros is a great tool, ensuring all video clips are properly organized for my projects.”

unspecified-1This video comes out in the midst of our newest release of the world’s first modular 360 Plug-n-Play™ VR 360 video gear. The new models function the same way but introduce new hinged poly carbonate camera holders and rugged anodized aluminum cores. In addition to the interchangeable modules, there is an added option of upgrading to the Bullet360 version of each holder which introduces camera syncing technology. 

Check out Jeremy’s full tutorial here and the rest of his channel for more great camera tips and tricks:

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