Silicon Valley Virtual Reality

360Heros Attends Silicon Valley Virtual Reality 2016

Here at 360Heros we’re always working towards staying up to date on all the latest virtual reality news by connecting with our friends in the VR community. We’re constantly reading about new companies, projects and tech to ensure we’re on top of our game. However, sometimes reading just isn’t enough. Sometimes, especially with VR, you just have to get out and participate! So this year instead of exhibiting at SVVR we decided to experience SVVR!

Check out our recap below.

360Rize SVVR Recap


A few of our favorite VR projects

Interactive Lab

P1000028 (1)
360Heros team member, Aissa Widle, thoroughly enjoying the Interactive Lab demo.

According to their website, “Interactive Lab is a tech-laboratory of passionate professionals who explore, create and develop the newest interactive solutions for business, art and entertainment.” Team member Aissa Widle was able to check out their new untethered, free-roam VR project called Move in VR. She had a blast creating her own 3D artwork.


High Fidelity

I personally had a ton of fun checking out the BETA demo at the High Fidelity booth. I was able to interact and move around with my co-worker, Aissa, in a virtual space. We drew on virtual whiteboards and played with a bowl of virtual fruit. This may not sound very exciting but I implore you to check it out when you get an opportunity because big things are coming from this genius group of content creators.


CEO & Founder of High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale. Follow him on twitter @philiprosedale

Speaking of moving around in a virtual space, it can be a bit of a task at this point. Luckily Infinadeck has solved that problem with “the world’s first true commercially viable omnidirectional treadmill.” We captured a shot of High Fidelity’s founder and CEO, Philip Rosedale, taking it for a test run. (No CEO’s were harmed in the taking of this photo.)

I’d like to thank all of our readers for stopping by and checking out our trip to San Jose. We sure had fun on this trip and encourage everyone to checkout SVVR‘s website for more info on this great community. Until next time!