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Virtual Reality coral cure video wins award

Buerger shooting coral disease video.
Buerger shooting coral disease video.

We’re proud to share the news that a virtual reality video produced by Australia-based marine scientist Patrick Buerger using 360Heros’ first scuba model has won the 2015 Bommies Award for science communication from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Filmed at Orpheus Island and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Buerger’s video showcases a new method for fighting bacterial disease in corals.

“I’m continually amazed at the things content creators are producing, especially when it’s to bring attention to environmental and conservation issues,” Mike Kintner, 360Heros founder and CEO said. “Congratulations, Patrick, on being awarded the top prize for the 2015 Bommies!”

360 VR virtual reality diving video: Dive the Great Barrier Reef and into research on coral diseases

Coral disease treatment with phage therapy.

Preparing to dive
Preparing to dive.

“We made the video in 360 to get people immersed directly into the science on the Great Barrier Reef and to show the possibilities of cutting edge technology,” Buerger said. “The concept of virtual reality is still new to many people, but it is a great time with very exciting developments and we will continue to produce more content in the near future.”

In announcing the award, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation noted Buerger’s video took first prize because it brought viewers to the Reef in a whole new way, which is exactly what we at 360Heros want to hear!

360Abyss-Drop-Shad-300Buerger noted his team works in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Marine Science, which recently upgraded to the 360Abyss so be on the lookout for more VR videos exploring the reef and AIMS.

360Heros is proud Buerger and his team used our gear to help tell this story and engage audiences in a new way – we can’t wait to see what they create next! For more from 360 Scientists feel free to follow them on Twitter and stay tuned for more VR 360 video news from 360Heros!

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