Jonny Simpson-Lee of Pro360VR shooting in the Red Sea.

Pro360VR creating immersive video in the UK

Jonny Simpson-Lee filming aboard the M/Y
Jonny Simpson-Lee filming aboard the M/Y Whirlwind

We’re always excited to see new virtual reality video content from professionals using 360Heros rigs, so when videos and photos from Pro360VR started popping up in our news feeds, we got curious. Who is this guy?

Meet Jonny Simpson-Lee, the lone freelance virtual reality producer behind UK-based Pro360VR, an independent immersive VR production business.

Previously involved in 3D animation, Jonny got into immersive video last December and has completed several projects since, including this, only his second VR project, a video for Scuba Travel:

Scuba Travel | M/Y Whirlwind 360°VR Experience |

“This project found me filming in the Egyptian Red Sea to produce a short VR film ScubaTravel could use with a head mounted display at trade shows to showcase one of their live-aboard boats and allow potential customers and those who were considering learning to dive an immersive view around the boat and then ‘dive’ into the underwater world,” Jonny said.

Underwater VR is challenging but immensely rewarding.

“I spent a week on board the beautiful M/Y Whirlwind filming 360 content using 360Heros’ 360H6 with the snakeriver domes in a variety of underwater environments from shallow reefs, along deep walls to inside shipwrecks. As the use of conventional video lights is not an option with VR filming, it presented me with a host of issues to overcome. Underwater VR is challenging but immensely rewarding.”

“Whilst Immersive VR filming is a highly effective medium, it is currently in its relative infancy and in turn throws up new challenges to the film maker,” Jonny said, adding that he’s joined forces with a UK film and production company “to explore innovative and creative ways to progress with this new and exciting technology so we are able to offer cutting edge content, especially within difficult and unforgiving environments using modified cameras and custom rigs.”

Jonny’s other projects include architectural shoots, commercial venue promotional films, nature and 360 time lapse projects like this one of Bracklesham Bay:

Bracklesham Bay 360° VR Timelapse | www

Recent 360 video shoots have seen him experience the thrills of filming in a shark exhibit at a public aquarium and shooting spherical content on small aircraft. His latest project was to film VR on speedboats whizzing up and down the river Thames in the center of London for the Thames RIB Experience. We can’t wait for him to finish editing so we can experience these videos, too!

bc44f5_2562064774414becb8ca538a253ea068And we would be remiss if we didn’t add Jonny is also a successful underwater photographer, specializing in capturing shots of dogs underwater.

Cheers, Jonny and Pro360VR – we look forward to seeing more of your great work!

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