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Introducing the New 360 Video Library App!

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If you haven’t had the chance to update your 360Heros app yet, you’re missing out. Available for iOS and Android devices, the latest version of our 360Heros 360 Video Library App introduces Cardboard VR viewer compatibility (yes!) and some other awesome features.

Cardboard VR

VR enthusiasts will be excited by the 360 Video Library’s compatibility with cardboard VR viewers. Through this app, users have access to the 360Heros hosting center’s entire library of interactive 360 video content. With over 400 videos and content from 700+ producers from across the globe, a plethora of free content is at your fingertips.

To watch videos with your cardboard VR headset, simply activate the app, select a video and click the cardboard VR icon shown above. This button activates dual screen mode and your mobile device is now ready for cardboard VR.

Create Your Own VR

While casual users will enjoy viewing the hundreds of interactive videos on the app, it serves as a new level of support for producers. Producers on the 360Heros 360 video hosting center now have the ability to view and share their content with cardboard VR viewers.

In order to create cardboard VR content, users simply need to upload the content they’ve filmed with any of our Plug-N-Play™ Holders to the hosting center. From there, each video is cataloged and made available for download and viewing in the app. After that, you’re just a (cardboard) button away from presenting your work in an immersive format.


360 video
Pinch-to-zoom and touch/gyroscopic navigation offer complete control.

In addition to cardboard VR viewing, the latest version of our app offers improved interactivity in the form of a new pinch-to-zoom feature both for standard viewing and VR viewing. In combination with gyroscopic and touch-based navigation, pinch-to-zoom is just another way in which users can take control of their viewing experience.

Full List of Features:

  • NEW VR Google Cardboard Interface
  • Gyroscopic and touch-based navigation
  • Geo-location tagging – view the location of a video production and navigate to that location
  • Website link – add your site link to Video Details
  • Password protect option
  • Pinch-to-Zoom Interface for both VR and standard 360 video
  • Customize your Favorites List
  • Download videos for offline playback
  • 1K content streaming (coming soon!)
  • Search videos by category, producer name or camera type

The 360Heros 360 Video Library App is another way for us to support our producers and to help spread the word about 360 Video to the public. Not only do we hope that producers see it as a fun perk for presenting their work, but also that people new to 360 Video enjoy using it!

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