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Underwater 360 7.5K video at 1,000 Meters Depth

Las Vegas, NV / Orlando, FL – 360Heros announced the 360Abyss, the world’s smallest HD underwater 360 video gear at the 2014 DEMA Show and IAAPA. A revolutionary new scuba gear, the 360Abyss can capture 360 video and panoramic photos at depths as low as 1,000 meters.

Interchangeable camera compartment doors give the unit variable buoyancy, with divers given the option to operate with either a positive or negative buoyancy. Individual GoPro camera compartments prevent leaks, while poly carbonate acrylic domes create 360 video resolutions as high as 7.5K. 360Heros CEO and 360Abyss inventor Michael Kintner will be demoing this new gear at the DEMA scuba show and showcasing it at the 360Heros booth at IAAPA.


360Abyss mounted with poly carbonate doors.

With a depth rating of 1,000 meters, the 360Abyss can film 360 video at depths that were previously unattainable. This opens the door for an exciting range of possibilities in terms of applications. From filming deep sea wildlife to monitoring underwater construction, the 360Abyss is a versatile and powerful tool.

With 8 standard 3/8″ corner mounts for divers and 6 – 3/8” 45-degree lens mounts designed for ROVs/ submarines, the 360Abyss is compatible with virtually any dive gear.

Videography & Photography

Underwater cinematographers and photographers will be eager to take advantage of resolutions that go as high as 7,500 x 3,750 pixels. While max resolutions are accomplished by filming with the GoPro Hero4 Black models, the 360Abyss is also compatible with the Hero4 Silver and each edition of the GoPro Hero3.

Click to view and navigate sample footage:

We Understand Scuba Design

360Abyss with anodized (aluminum) doors.

The 360Abyss comes as a more rugged and powerful version of our first generation scuba gear. Having learned from our previous mistakes (i.e. a run in with a great white shark), we’ve made our latest scuba gear stronger than ever.

The 360Abyss’ multi-compartment design means that each GoPro camera is housed in an individual enclosure. If by chance a compartment does leak, this built-in safety measure will isolate the leak and protect the rest of your cameras.

Each enclosure is capped off by either an aluminum anodized door or a poly carbonate door.  Depending upon which doors you use, the 360Abyss can be either negative or positive bouyant (see below).  Onto these exterior doors mounts a special poly carbonate dome assembly.  This high resolution photography lens is made from the same material used for fighter jet canopies and restore each camera’s field of view underwater.

360Abyss-Assembly2Buoyancy was another factor we took into consideration, as the design allows cinematographers to dictate whether or not the gear floats. When mounted with the anodized doors, the unit has a slightly negative buoyancy while the poly carbonate doors (available as an add-on) give the unit a slightly positive buoyancy.

Below is a full breakdown of the 360Abyss’ features and the different options available:


360Abyss Anodized

360Abyss Poly Carbonate

Depth Rating:1,000 meters, or 3,280 ft1000 meters, or 3280 ft
Buoyancy:Slightly NegativeSlightly Positive
Obtain Neutral Buoyancy:NoYes
Interchangeable Filers:YesYes
Weight w/Cameras:6 lb 9 oz. / 2.987 Kg5 lb 12.4 oz. / 2.629 Kg
GoPros:Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4
Size:25cm x 25cm x 25cm25cm x 25cm x 25cm


• Uses GoPro Hero3, Hero3 Plus and Hero4 Cameras
• Individualized camera compartments ensure each camera is individually safe
• Obtain neutral buoyancy with poly carbonate door corner weight add-ons.
• 360 Video Resolutions as high as 7,500 x 3,750 pixels with Hero4 Black 2.7 4:3 Mode
• 360 Video Resolutions as high as 6,000 x 3,000 pixels with Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, 1440 4:3 Mode
• 360 Video Resolutions as high as 5,000 x 2,500 pixels with Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, 960 4:3 Mode
• Size with Domes: 22 cm x 22 cm x 22 cm
• Poly Carbonate Domes
• Qty 8 – 3/8” Corner Mounts for Diver
• Qty 6 – 3/8” 45 Degree Lens Mounts for Subs/UAV/Rovers
• Qty 6 – Interchangeable 55mm filters inside each dome, great for aquariums, blue water and green water (CY, GR or SWCY Filters)

The 360Abyss is our most innovative and exciting scuba gear to date. This new model stands as our latest effort to empower 360 videographers as they seek to document the world around us in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Currently available for pre-order, reserve your gear today and let’s start exploring the ocean’s abyss together!

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