360Heros CEO Michael Kintner will be participating in a live webinar on Tuesday, September 30th as a part of 3D Systems’ webinar series. The series focuses on companies that are using 3D printing as a tool to enter new markets, innovate production and promote growth.

360Heros patent-pending holders are made from 3D printed aircraft grade nylon.

Mike will be discussing 360Heros’ journey from his home office to the forefront of the international panoramic video technology market. This was a journey made possible through the creative power and capability that 3D printing puts in the hands of inventors and designers.

Having developed a solution for creating fully spherical 360° degree video, Mike needed a way to bring his ideas to life and to produce his solution on a large scale. 3D printing facilitated this by offering him a quick, easy and inexpensive way to manufacture a durable product. 3D printing made it simple for Mike to take his CAD drawings and turn them into hands on solutions right from his home office. The designs for our diverse product line are created via GeoMagic 3D modeling software and then sent along to our friends at 3D Systems where they are brought to fruition through 3D printing.

3D printing has catapulted 360Heros products into 65 different countries and new markets.
3D printing has catapulted 360Heros products into 65 different countries and new markets.

While 360Heros’ production has outgrown Mike’s home office, he still relies on 3D printing to bring 360Heros products to the more than 65 countries in which they are currently sold. This is a style of production and design that has allowed our company a virtually limitless ceiling for growth and future possibilities that include SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and injection molding.

360Heros is excited to have to opportunity to share our journey and to play our part in spreading the word about the potential of 3D modeling and printing! If you’d like to learn more about this process or have any questions, feel free to register for the webinar and we look forward to hearing from you next Tuesday!

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