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Become a 360Heros Affiliate and Earn 4% on Every Purchase!

We’ve rolled out our new Affiliate Program! This is your chance to sit back and relax while letting your friends at 360Heros help make you some extra income! We’ll set you up with referral links and attractive banner ads that will open up a new revenue stream for your website!

Once you sign up and your affiliate links and ads are in place, the work is over and your opportunity to earn extra income with 360Heros has just begun! Follow these five simple steps below and we can start helping each other grow!

AffiliateContinue1. Sign Up

Becoming a 360Heros affiliate is easy! The first step is following this link and clicking “Continue”. From there, give us your website address and a few  bits of info in order to complete the sign-up process.

yourlink2. Get Your Affiliate Link

Once you’ve signed up, your account page will now feature a “Visit My Affiliate Page” link. This link takes you to a dashboard from which you can access your affiliate account information.

The most important detail on this page is “Your Link”, which is your personal affiliate link that allows us to monitor traffic and sales coming from your website. Feel free to place this link on any page on your site, embed it in text, link it to images and place it in emails.

Any sale that this link generates will be documented and you will receive a payment equivalent to 4.00% of the sale! This makes it advantageous for affiliate program members to place their link in locations where it will receive traffic and to promote it (and the pages it lives on) as much as possible!

Also, these links keep track of customers for a 30 day period. So if someone discovers us today via your link and comes back next week to make a purchase, you still get the referral credit!

Banner Ad3. Generate Banner Ads

The other way affiliate program members can generate sales referrals is by placing 360Heros banner ads on their website. Clicking the “Generate Banner Ads” link on your affiliate account page will take you to a page that showcases the available banner ads and their respective HTML links.

Once you’ve chosen a banner ad with the desired design and size, simply copy the ad’s HTML code and paste it into your site’s HTML. The ads will then show up on your site and when clicked, direct traffic back to the 360Heros website. These banner ads function just like “Your Link” in that all traffic is monitored and sales referrals are tracked and paid accordingly.

4. Track Results & Get Paid! 

Your Affiliate Page offers data for link/ad clicks and sales converted via these links. This makes it easy for you to track your success and create new strategies for driving traffic and sales through your affiliate links. Image links generating a lot of traffic? You can start linking to more pictures on your site. Didn’t see a bump in clicks when you started emailing your link? Try investing your time and resources elsewhere.

mycommission5. Refer More Affiliates

Anyone who signs up for our affiliate program via your unique affiliate link will be considered one of your “sub-affiliates”. This means that you collect commission for every sale their links generate in addition to your own sales referrals. Think of it as a finders fee for helping our affiliate program grow!

For every sale one of your sub-affiliates converts via their links, you’ll receive a payment equivalent to 3.00%  of the sale! Things get even more interesting when your sub-affiliates refer additional affiliates, as you receive a 2.00% commission for every sale converted by a link from one of your sub-affiliate’s own sub-affiliates. This system allows you to create a chain of affiliates and referrals that generates additional income without any added effort!

The 360Heros Affiliate Program is a way for us to work together with our friends, partners and community members and stimulate growth! This program serves as a win-win situation for all involved and represents another step forward for our team and the 360 video community. If you’re interested, follow the aforementioned steps and we look forward to working with you!

© 2011-2014 360Heros™ is a 360Heros Inc Company. GOPRO®, HERO® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries. 360Heros, Inc. is not an affiliate of GOPRO® or Woodman Labs, Inc. 360Heros is a very proud user of GOPRO® cameras! 360 Heros creates 360° Video using GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 cameras. Check out our gear, sign up for updates, and explore the 360° videos and 360° panoramic photos created with the different 360 Plug-n-Play Video Gear.
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