Fabien Cousteau

TIME Magazine Takes a 360 Dive With Fabien Cousteau

TIME Magazine recently published a story on the latest endeavor of Fabien Cousteau, aquatic filmmaker, oceanographer and grandson of the famed Jacques Cousteau.

Cousteau’s most recent undertaking saw him lead Mission 31, a project utilizing Aquarius, the world’s only underwater lab. Cousteau and the Mission 31 team conducted an unprecedented volume of research on the Atlantic Ocean while living underwater for a 31-day duration.

In order to allow people to experience this underwater lab firsthand, TIME’s Senior Editor Jonathan D. Woods took a dive with 360Heros scuba gear. The scuba gear allowed Woods and the TIME team to capture Aquarius from every angle and utilize 360-degree video as a medium for sharing it.

Image courtesy of TIME Magazine
Image courtesy of TIME Magazine

The resulting footage takes viewers on an underwater tour in and around the coral-covered research facility. This interactive  experience is accompanied by informative commentary directing attention toward Aquarius’ various scientific bells and whistles. Throughout the video, viewers are given an excellent sense of the ocean floor operation and its surrounding environment.

The depths of the ocean weren’t the only subject of exploration during this project, as Woods’ dive marked another pioneering effort in immersive cinematography. While Woods’ previous work employed panoramic photography, this was his first endeavor with fully spherical 360-degree video. Armed with 360Heros technology, Woods was able to help millions of people explore every angle of a place very few had ever seen previously.

Considering the groundbreaking nature of this project and the intriguing elements involved (a famed oceanographer, a world-renowned publication and cutting edge video technology to name a few), there are bound to be questions. In order to help people learn more about the project, Woods and 360Heros CEO Michael Kintner will be available for a live Twitter chat this Friday to answer questions from users around the world. In order to access the live chat, visit the @timepictures Twitter account on Friday, July 11th starting at 2:00 P.M. EST. If you have a question you’d like to ask regarding this project, feel free to Tweet at the aforementioned account using the hashtag “#AskLightbox” and Woods and Michael will answer your questions!

TIME’s “Deep Dive” is another example of an innovative project that is helping to deliver 360 video to people across the globe. 360Heros is proud to have played a part in making this immersive story possible and looks forward to discussing it further on Friday!