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An Inside Look at 360Heros Scuba Gear

As you can see, 360Heros is always under pressure (in this case, literally) to come up with new innovations in the world of 360 video. The most recent example of our innovative efforts was the introduction of panoramic scuba gear to the market.

The device you see in the header image is a state of the art pressure chamber that our lab utilizes to test our patent-pending scuba domes. One of our latest products, these scuba domes make it possible to capture fully immersive, 360 x 180 degree video and photos underwater.

360Heros Scuba Domes make panoramic underwater photography possible.
360Heros Scuba Domes make panoramic underwater photography possible.

While this gear is just a few months removed from its experimental stages, we’ve already seen it produce some amazing content. TIME Magazine‘s “Deep Dive“,  our team’s Scuba Diving adventure in Belize and Macdonald Productions‘ Shark Dive are just a few examples of this technology’s capabilities. These projects allow viewers to explore the depths of the ocean and experience places that were previously inaccessible to the public.

Before our team, partners or customers could capture these adventures, we had to be sure the gear could handle the physical pressure of operating on the ocean floor. To test the scuba domes, our original prototypes were exposed to pressure via our state of the art pressure chamber. This chamber allowed our team to examine how the gear reacted to pressure equivalent to that experienced under the ocean. While we test all of our gear at a depth of 80 feet, this chamber can administer up to 230 feet of pressure and our domes can withstand up to 300 feet of pressure.

All of our Scuba Domes are pressure tested at the 360Heros lab.
All of our Scuba Domes are pressure tested at the 360Heros lab.

Not only did this process prove that our prototypes were ready for the aforementioned projects, it became a standard test that all of our underwater gear must pass prior to being delivered to customers.

In terms of the domes’ design, they are crafted to restore the field of view that is lost when filming underwater. While the exterior domes are made from durable plastic, they protect and correct an underlying glass lens. This three-piece conversion dome unit snaps onto GoPro underwater casings, allowing users to quickly and easily prepare to shoot underwater video.

With this new product on the market, our team is excited about the possibility of taking underwater cinematography to new depths! 360Heros would like to thank the brave individuals who helped us test this gear by taking it to the deep seas across the globe. Without these pioneers, 360Heros would have never made it to the ocean floor or been able to help the public explore our planet’s amazing aquatic habitats. Although we are proud to have made it this far, we’re also excited to continue developing 360Heros scuba gear and helping the world explore our vast oceans!

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