Photo courtesy of Stereogum

The Flatbush Zombies and Trash Talk Go 360°

The evolution of 360-degree video in the music industry continues with a collaborative project from the Brooklyn-based hip hop group the Flatbush Zombies and California punk rock band Trash Talk. These musical groups worked with production teams from Pier Pictures and APlusFilmz to create a 360-degree music video for their track “97.92.”

The video was shot in Southern California and captures various urban environments from a variety of perspectives. Pier Picture’s TS Pfeffer and Robert McHugh once again worked with a team from Octofilms following the “Crossing Borders” project with Booka Shade. Experience from their previous project allowed the production and film crews to better utilize the 360 film and drone technology.

Image courtesy of Stereogum
Image courtesy of Stereogum

In reference to the camera rig, the filming was done with a 360Heros H3Pro7 mounted on an Octofilms’ drone. The filmmakers noted the freedom the rig’s small size offered in terms of placement. This allowed the team to film under a jungle gym, on a small boat and in other tight spaces in order to create some unique tinyplanet shots.


The video shows the Flatbush Zombies and Trash Talk performing on smokey rooftops, in a skate park and in an abandoned field. These environments give the video a very post-apocalyptic feel, as the tinyplanet shots make it seem as if the performance takes place in their own isolated urban world. Some behind the scenes action shots from the filming of the video and show the musical groups interacting with the 360-video technology in these environments.

Behind the scenes look at the filming of "97.92" - Image courtesy of Stereogum
Behind the scenes look at the filming of “97.92” – Image courtesy of Stereogum

The final product presents itself as another step forward in the developing 360-degree music video industry. Film teams such as Pier Pictures and AplusFilmz are pioneering this development; and based on the success of their first two projects, we should count on more exciting endeavors in the world of 360-degree film and music.


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